The New Year is exhausting.

I’m usually an optimist on any given holiday. I enjoy anything that includes extra glitter, food and celebrations. However, The New Year is exhausting in many different ways.

The exhaustion of a New Year doesn’t just come from staying up past midnight which is always a struggle for me. It’s also mentally exhausting. During New Years we are always focused on how we can be a super human this year and how much we sucked last year. Focusing more on our past and future rather than being in the present moment, one of the most important things I learned from 2017.

A new beginning is so forced by society during a new year. How are you going to change your lifestyle? How are you going to change your body? How are you going to change your relationships? I’ve had my fair share of new beginnings and I’m telling you this, it’s much more rewarding to let these changes come naturally rather than forced. We grow at our own time and not by January 1st, two thousand whatever.

I used to be obsessed with New Year’s Resolutions and sharing my goals for the upcoming year with the world. I even created a vision board art piece last year but lost it a month after posting about it. Do we actually set these resolutions to make ourselves a better person or to just prove to the world that we too have goals?

I hope you wake up everyday thankful for the lessons you learned from the previous day and how you can better yourself and goals daily.

With all of this being said, I did have a fantastic New Years which ended with a New Year’s kiss and pancakes for breakfast.

Stay Sunny!


stop feeling guilty for doing something for you.

I wasn’t feeling it yesterday. I wasn’t feeling it the day before either. Sometimes I’m just not feeling things and I always feel like shit about it. I should be an awesome person today and I’m not, what’s wrong with me?

Last night I had some alone time and decided to take advantage of it. Although I promised myself this quiet and relaxing time I still felt guilty. I felt lazy because I wasn’t doing something productive. I could have been writing a new blog, working on my paper due next Sunday, starting a new project… absolutely anything would be better than what I was doing.

When I started to really feel guilty I took out my laptop and started to write a post for my blog that didn’t even matter to me just for the sake of getting something up on the blog. How silly is that? I then shut my laptop and made a goal. I got really enthusiastic about this goal.  “I’m going to binge-watch the entire season of my show tonight and nothing is going to stop me!” I whipped up some Mexican hot chocolate, grabbed a cookie, snuggled in my bed and pressed play. I was finished with my series by 10pm and went to sleep.

This morning I woke up feeling enthusiastic to write to you and tell you that I think you should make it a goal within the next week to binge-watch your favorite show on Netflix with hot chocolate so you can wake up the next day and be a badass.

Stay Merry and Bright!



So now what?

After every big trip I get the question “So now what?” which is actually a question I ask myself everyday at least 3 times a day. So, I thought I would do a simple post as to what is going on in my life now and my current plans.

As you may not know, I was supposed to be moving to Grand Junction, Colorado. After my month long trip in July the plan was to come right home, pack up and leave for Colorado. Well, life had other plans and nothing worked out how it was supposed to. Although I feel as though I had failed I remember one of my favorite quotes…”God will wreck your plans if he sees your plans will wreck you”

Currently, my home will remain in Southern Utah and I will be traveling as much as I can, while I can. Also, focusing full-time on school until I graduate in April. Outside of school and traveling I am spending time on my creative work and building my future business. I am also still involved with the Art Museum by being a docent for school groups which I love so much.

In October I will be working at my family’s farm called Moon Farm in Fruita, Colorado! I will be there during their busy pumpkin patch season! It will be a new experience and I am definitely looking forward to it. It also works perfectly because I will get an extended time in Western Colorado without permanently moving there.

I am very blessed that I have this beautiful opportunity in life to spend exploring, learning and growing.

Stay sunny!

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset



A trip to the Bay Area of California.

It’s also very cold in San Francisco.

I have been away from my little creative outlet to the world for nearly a month and I am so excited to be back! What has happened since I’ve been gone? I’ve been crying over finals and once I finished them I took myself on a trip to San Francisco, California! I actually had to finish all of my finals a week early so I could go on this little journey so you can see where all of my time has been. I have never been to San Francisco but happen to know a few people who live there so I thought it would be a great chance to see some new sights, see some great friends, and let’s be honest…eat some really good food.

SanFran_April 09, 2017_13.JPG

Since I flew back last Tuesday I am now getting the time, motivation, and energy to edit all of my photos and share my journey with you! Although I am not finished with the process of editing my plethora of images I am dying to share some of my trip with you. Although each of the days deserve their own post, here’s a little sneak peak and insight of my trip for you.

During my time there I stayed with a couple of friends and also stayed in a hostel. The first night I stayed in Walnut Creek with my friend Ashley who I know from Vermont, the next couple of nights I stayed in Petaluma with my friend Kim who I know from Mexico, and then the last night I stayed in a hostel in the heart of San Fran.

Where did I go?

  • San Francisco
  • Walnut Creek
  • Petaluma
  • Meir Woods

What did I do?

  • Rode the BART for an hour from SFO to Walnut Creek.
  • Rode the side of a street trolley.
  • Visited the sea lions at Fisherman’s Warf
  • Saw Japantown during the Cherry Blossom Festival
  • Rode across the Golden Gate Bridge
  • Explored Meir Woods and Meir Beach
  • Vintage browsing in downtown Petaluma
  • Visited the SFMOMA
  • People watched with hot tea in Town Square
  • Spent too much money from Victoria’s Secret in Town Square.


SanFran_April 08, 2017_3

SanFran_April 08, 2017_2

SanFran_April 08, 2017_6

SanFran_April 08, 2017_8

SanFran_April 08, 2017_9

SanFran_April 10, 2017_14

SanFran_April 08, 2017_7

SanFran_April 10, 2017_15

There’s more to come! Stay Sunny!



Throwback Thursday || Winooski, Vermont

Throwback Thursday is so popular so I thought why not do a travel edition of places I’ve traveled to or lived and other travel stories that I have not been able to feature on the blog before?

I’ve been seeing all the snow that my Vermont friends are posting and it made me think about Winooski Vermont, a small town that I called home for a little over a year. Winooski is right outside of Burlington, Vermont which is where we went to work so we normally just told people that we were from Burlington. Winooski was small, hip, and a little rough around the edges. It’s what most people like to call “ghetto” but I thought it was interesting! Our little apartment was actually a very old house divided into two different apartments which is very common in that area.


My favorite part about Winooski was the Winooski River which was walking distance and always a great place to go for a walk and take some photographs! There’s also a part of the river with rocks that you can climb on next to the little waterfall, that was my favorite thinking spot! If you walk along the trail you will come across a bike path and a very large patch of grass that is surrounded with trees which is a great place to toss around a football or lay out with a book in your hand.


Winooski is also filled with many great restaurants. Anywhere from breakfast, lunch, to dinner. There was even a little local coffee shop which was very overpriced and the staff actually wasn’t too friendly…but it was pretty cute still. One of our favorite places to go was a little Italian place and let me tell you, it was really good Italian food! Just the cutest little ma and pa place! One of my favorite culinary experiences though was Waterworks which sits right on the river. It was at an awesome location, the interior was beautiful, and the food was actually really great too!


Aside from the restaurants they also had a couple of hip shops which I always had to go look around in. One of my favorites was this great vintage store which always had a great selection of books!

Although Vermont did not work out for me in the long run I really did enjoyed my time there and will never regret the great time I had spent there! It was great to live in New England for a small amount of time. It was beautiful and it’s always fun and exciting to live in a new culture that you didn’t grow up in.

(All photos in this post are taken with my Holga or iPhone)

Stay Sunny!


Fisheye fun

Happy Thursday, Wonder Seekers!

I’m officially back in sunny Southern Utah! It’s always different living back in my hometown but I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts! Today I started my old job again at The Art Museum which I’m totally in love with and very passionate about! Between school, a great job, and new traveling opportunities I am feeling so excited and blessed! It was gloomy the first few days I arrived but we finally got out sunny days with perfect 70 degree temperatures. “Winter” in Southern Utah is something I do not complain about especially after seeing the blizzards in the eastern states lately…I am happy to not be in the New England area right now!

I ordered a new toy and was happy to see it when I got home…a fisheye lens for my iPhone! I’ve been dying to test it out and yesterday was the perfect day! I love Pioneer Park and wandering around the red rocks that remind me of Mars, it’s a place that really reminds me that I’m home. All photos were taken with my iPhone and edited with the 1967 app using the LA Groove filter.



Stay Sunny!


Mexican food-hopping with Dad.

There’s something that my Step-Dad and I have a lot in common and that’s our love of food! He’s also a really great cook and has taught me a lot about cooking since him and my Mom have been together. Since I leave in a few days he decided to take me out for a daddy daughter day date to go shopping and out to eat but let’s be honest, our day was planned around what we were going to eat and where. I love eating out in Mexico because it’s a little bit here…a little bit there! We first hit up the dulceria where we spent a hand full of time looking at different Mexican candy and getting bags full for me to take home. I got 2 bags full for only $10! I think a “Mexican candy haul” blog will soon be on the way! There’s this cute little orange taco truck that I’ve been eyeballing for awhile and we decided to give it a go! They were actually taquitos though and not tacos which was cool because it was something new to try. The taquitos are definitely not what you find in the frozen section of your local grocery story. They double up the tortillas and grill them with red chili sauce. This made them very messy but extremely delicious! Halfway through our shopping we stopped at a little quiet place that sold tortas which are basically sandwiches, but obviously better because it’s Mexico. We ordered one pork and one steak and although the steak was good I think pork was a winner for us! Afterward we stopped at our favorite ice cream shop because what’s a day out without ice cream involved? I had my favorite cookies y crema. As you can imagine, my stomach was very full by the end of the day but it was incredibly worth it! A solid day for the books!


Stay Sunny!


Life as of late.

Sometimes there are some things in my life that I would like to share with you all but that I wouldn’t necessarily share with you in a single post. So here is a post about life lately and my latest gossip.

One) I took a new self portrait for the new year. Hazah!


Two) We took a run out to the desert on some Baja buggies to an interesting little hut this man owns and sells beer from in the middle of the desert. He also has some beautiful dogs and there was also a dead cow at our destination which was a really great photo opportunity. My camera needs a major cleaning now with all of the dirt and dust.

New Years_ Web_14.JPGChitchat_4.JPGnew-years_-web_10new-years_-web_2chitchat_1chitchat_2

Three) Speaking of dead things…a friend and I went out looking for bones on the beach and there was an interesting dead fish. Why are dead things interesting to photograph? Is it normal to have this fascination?


Four) No, still no boyfriend.

Five) I downloaded some new Lightroom presets and have been totally geeking out about. You can find these free presents from NickCam and Sleeklens. It’s always fun to try some new editing styles and techniques.


Six) I had a cavity which caused a quarter of my tooth to crack and break off. I went to the dentist and it only cost me $40 to fill…yes friends, $40 to fill a massive hole in my tooth. Did I mention it was totally painless? No, no drugs needed either.

Seven) I have officially started my Master’s degree online. OPA!

Eight) We are running out of gasoline in Mexico. Seriously….they are increasing gas prices but not increasing the pay of the truckers. So, the truckers are protesting by not bringing gasoline and other goods across the border. Time to whip out the bikes!


Two thousand sixteen.

I for some reason have had the most difficult time writing this post. Mostly because I’m not sure what my goal or objective is post. Do I talk about my trials and tribulations of 2016? What I accomplished and what I wish worked out for me? Do cry over my presidential candidate not getting into office? Discuss the extreme violence we have seen this year? Getting through a broken heart and finding myself? Places I’ve traveled to? How do I even begin to wrap up 2016 without writing you an entire novel? There’s so many different ways I could approach this seemingly obligatory New Years post.

The beginning of 2016 I found myself with wild anxiety that was unfortunately turning into depression in Vermont. Although I was in a good relationship, had a steady job, and was living in a beautiful place I knew there was something that had to change and I had to find Mariah again…but to my surprise I never lost sight of who I was at all, I was just still trying to find who I was completely.

I packed up my car with my life in the backseat and moved across the country by myself back home to St. George, Utah. This alone was quite the adventure and helped me learn and gain a strong sense of independence. After working and running around the red rocks of Southern Utah for a few months I moved my way to Mexico where I am currently enjoying life of sunshine, tacos, and culture.

This year has been filled with travel which was my ultimate goal. I have traveled around to some incredible places and so grateful and blessed for all of the experiences. Aside from passing 7 new states on my move I have traveled and visited Providence, Rhoda Island…Portland, Oregon…Bryce Canyon and Moab, Utah…Palm Springs, Los Angeles, and Disneyland, California…and of course San Felipe, Mexico.

In 2016 I stepped into the dating world which made me realize I’m completely okay being single and independent for a while. I have found some new favorite places and discovered some new passions which turned into beautiful new projects. I gained friendships and grew current relationships. I have learned so much about myself and what I’m really looking for in both my career and personal life.

You actually did really well, 2016, I am not disappointed.