A Bridal Series || Here comes the bride.

Hi, my name is Mariah and I’m going to be a BRIDE. A BRIDE. (Insert all heart eye emojis here) I still cannot believe it!

Ashley Meagan Photography

The wedding planning process has been extremely enjoyable (sometimes stressful) as we are making and designing most everything ourselves. I designed and made our invitations. Matthew built the arbor we are getting married under and I will be decorating it, we are making our own cake topper and other fun details! It’s a lot of work but I’m looking forward to seeing our vision come to life!

Of course though, the most asked question has been “Have you found your dress?!”  The process was actually a lot less painless than I was expecting. I think this was because I went in accepting that I may not find exactly what I wanted but was willing to try on new things. I didn’t want to be a bridezilla. Even though I wanted to try new things and be open, there were three details I knew I really wanted in my dress. Simple, lace and flowy! I could not see myself in a big extravagant ballgown. Although that style is seriously SO beautiful and I would feel like such a princess, I knew it wasn’t meant for me.

weddingdressesguide.com is a gold mine of information for wedding dress inspiration! They have posts that range from simple dresses to country styled dresses. My original style inspiration was bohemian mostly because I’ve been dreaming about wearing a flower crown for what seems like forever and knew a bohemian styled dress would be very appropriate for this.

The day I found the dress I was with my Momma, Grandma and soon-to-be Mother-In-Law. We did the process of elimination based on the following questions. Is this within my budget? Is there lace? Does this look like something Mariah would actually wear? The first dress I tried on was THE dress! Wild right? It was such a success. Afterwards we all went to Chili’s which always counts as a successful day in the end.

Although I don’t want to expose exactly what my dress looks like I will share some details that I’m obsessed with and what actually surprised me about the dress. First of all, it does have some amazing lace details! This is the most important part to me and I want to squeal of happiness whenever I think about it. It’s much longer than I expected it to be and there is also some beaded detail. I have never been fond of beading in dresses so this was the biggest surprise to me.  This is why brides need to be open when trying on wedding dresses because you never really know until it’s off the hanger and on your body.

I’ve also been asked what my hair and makeup will be like. My makeup is going to be simple with plenty of rosy pinks! I will be on the hunt for the perfect pretty pink blush and lipstick. I also know I’m going to be an emotional mess of happiness so if you know of a solid setting spray, let a girl know! I don’t want to spill the beans about my hair but remember when I said I’ve been wanting to wear a flower crown forever? *wink*

Shoes?! What about THE SHOES?! Toms, ladies. I’m wearing Toms.

Matthew and I have decided to keep it traditional and have our first look be as I’m walking down the aisle! Although I love first look images and think they are so sweet, it’s just not for us. I’m going to have serious butterflies in my stomach!


Thursday Thoughts || Love yourself to health


“I am courageous. I am confident. I respect myself at all times. I live my life with integrity. I am at peace with myself and the world around me. I live a life that is rich with inspiration. I am strong and powerful”
Respecting yourself, having confidence and peace with yourself is the most important thing you can do for your mind, body, and soul. This is something I am so very passionate about.
The other day I weighed myself and what a disaster. I already lost 15 pounds but the past couple months I gained 5 of them back. (I really love Easter candy and chocolate. It’s my all time favorite) After pouting about this for awhile, eating more chocolate, and telling myself “well I’m a chub already, so whatever” I finally told myself “No. You, Mariah, are a sexy beast.”
I’m going to share with you an amazing secret.
Want to know how I lost the weight so easily to begin with? I don’t tell many people about this anymore because I often get negative comments saying that I’m wrong and it doesn’t work like that. Well, you can talk the talk but I’m walking the walk. I TOLD myself I was SKINNY. After I put that into my head I felt skinny and all of my cravings kind of dissolved and I craved healthier food and lots of water. It was actually really amazing. It was a lot easier to learn to love and respect my body then to tell myself “I’m chubby and need to diet” because let’s be honest, diets are completely overrated and everybody needs a little something sweet in their life every now and then, without feeling guilty!
Now that I’m on the path to trying to loving my body again, speak more kindly to myself, and focus on a healthy lifestyle….I have also decided to toss that scale. I don’t want my happiness and feelings to be about what’s on the scale but about how I feel physically and mentally. Becoming scale obsessed is not healthy for your mind and will not help you to love your body.
Don’t only be kind to others but always be kind to yourself. Your mind is such a powerful tool in your body. As Buddha says “Rule your mind or it will rule you”
The Wonder Seeker