To be a young single lady.


This is my first time being single as an actual adult. When I mean an actual adult I mean out of college and being well…having adult responsibilities.  It’s my first time being single at an age where a man can ask “Would you like to go out and get a drink?” It’s weird. It’s really weird. I decided to try “dating” and what a belly laugh it turned out to be. I got tired of the 11pm booty calls and being stood up a couple or three times. I felt like dating had no meaning expect for bad intentions and a lack of intelligent conversations, it was incredibly sad. Call me old fashioned and high maintenance but I will no longer call it a “date” unless you pick me up at my door, ring the doorbell, take me out somewhere that’s not the movies on a first date, and drop me off at my doorstep.
It’s gets to a point where you have to look at yourself and say “You deserve the best and won’t settle for less!” That’s when I made my decision to end dating and completely focus on myself. I am committed to only becoming serious with someone unless I know they are completely right for me and my lifestyle.
To me, being single is finding your independence and your true self. Have the “I’M AN INDEPENDENT WOMAN WHO NEEDS NO MAN” attitude. Because it’s true! I don’t need a man. Do I want a man? Absolutely. Every girl wants themselves a boyfriend and someone to spend the rest of their life with. As much as it surprises people anymore I do want a husband, kids, and family of my own someday but that card has not been passed to me yet so until then I will enjoy my life being single!
Here are a list of things that I have done while I’ve been single that have helped my personal growth and become my true and honest self. Which I believe should be your most important focus while being single.
Travel Solo
I cannot stress this enough to try traveling alone. My first solo road trip was while I was moving from Vermont to Utah. I planned my routes myself, drove myself, booked places to stay, etc. It was such a great experience to do by myself! You can read more about my solo adventure here.
When you travel alone you can explore what you would like and at your own pace. My goal is to take a big solo trip to wherever I’d like to go and explore. I’m really thinking Vancouver, Canada!
Grow your female friendships.
I think when we get older and boys become more serious in our lives, like you know….become your husband. We often forget how much we need each other. I couldn’t imagine life without my best girlfriends, no matter how many miles apart we are. Girl time and conversations are the best. Plus they are such a great support system! Even though they are all married or in a relationship they are still there for me 100%.
Get healthy and feel confident for yourself.
You don’t need to hit your goal weight and size for anybody else. Get to a place where you feel good about yourself. My goal is to lose 15 pounds by October 1st and thanks to my great girlfriend support system we are doing it together and encouraging each other!
Go eat a meal at a sit down restaurant. DUN DUN DUN.
Why is this such a scary thing? Why do we look at people like they are alone and sad when they are eating by themselves in a restaurant? I went to my first sit down restaurant by myself about a month ago, I was hungry while I was out taking photos in Springdale and I just love breakfast at Oscars so I got the courage to go by myself and it was a lovely time.
Go on a picnic.
Picnics are just so relaxing! I took myself to the park with a cute plaid blanket and a pizza from Pizza Limone and I was just as content and happy as could be. Plug in your headphones and maybe take a snooze on the grass to forget about all of your worries.
Spoil yourself.
I am usually such a stickler when it comes to spending money on myself that’s not student loans, bills, and food. I have recently come to the realization that I work hard and I deserve nice things every now and then. Go get a mani/pedi and then buy yourself that Alex and Ani bracelet you’ve had your eyes and heart set on for the past 3 months.
Fix something.
Recently my car light was bashed during a parking lot accident. I needed red tape to put over it so I wouldn’t be ticketed. I headed to AutoZone and went home to fix the thing. I also put a band aid on my cracked bumper. Bada Bing Bada Boom.
Take yourself to the movies and the zoo.
I don’t know why going to the movies alone seems like such a sad thing, it’s just like eating alone. You can’t speak during that time anyway. I really enjoyed going to the movies alone. I was able to sit where I wanted, spread out as much as possible, and I didn’t have to share my goodies!
Same thing goes with the zoo. I took myself to the Oregon Zoo while I was in Portland and everybody felt bad that I was going by myself  but it was FREAKING great! I was able to sit and admire otters for an hour without someone telling me “Okay, let’s go.” Surprisingly enough there were many single adults there as well too. It was a very calming experience actually, plus the Oregon Zoo is beautiful.
Go to Victoria’s Secret.
You don’t need to have a man to treat yourself to pretty bras and panties. There’s nothing that can make you feel more sexy then a new pair of lacies and a new perfume. I recently found my signature scent at VS, it’s called Vanilla Lace and it’s fabulous.
Find peace with yourself.
I’m a true perfectionist and it’s always been difficult for me to find peace with myself and who I truly am. Nobody is perfect, it’s clique but it’s completely true. You will never find peace and happiness in your mind if you keep questioning your life and comparing it to others.
So don’t worry ladies, being single isn’t a bad thing & don’t let society tell you it is either. It’s actaully fun and for a lot more reasons then dating.
Also, this song should be on your daily playlist. It’s best while blasting it in your car on evening drives.


Stay Sunny!

The Wonder Seeker

Utah Adventures || Moab || Arches National Park and Hole N” The Rock

The second day we woke up early and headed to Arches National Park! They say that there are 2,000 arches in the park and although I didn’t see 2,000 arches it was still amazing!
Our first stop in the park was Balancing Rock, my cousin has a great obsession with big boulders so she enjoyed this stop very much. (“I like that boulder, that’s a nice boulder” – Donkey from Shrek) I also had a random elder Korean tourist lady want to take a picture with me in front of Balancing Rock, that was interesting. We also saw a jack rabbit! I could snag a photo of him because he was so quick but it was really neat to see the big guy running around.


We did not do the hike to Delicate Arch (THE arch of arches in the park) because it’s supposed to be very strenuous and we wanted to explore as much as possible that morning.  We did however go hike the lower view point of it.


We also hiked to double arches, that was a nice easy hike and you were able to get up close to some arches and see some nice views as well. The double art is almost cave like so it was fun to see how high we could get to the top!
After all of the fun we could have at The Arches National Park before it got terribly hot outside we headed out to Hole N’ The Rock! I have read about this place and it’s been on my Utah bucket list and so happy I was able to go see it finally.

Hole N’ The Rock is a 5,000 square foot home that was built into a very large rock in the Canyonlands by Albert and Gladys Christensen. This place is so unique and the story is so much fun! We were not allowed to take photos during the tour which was a bummer because I wish I could share everything! I really liked the fact that they kept all of their belongings and furniture just how it was when they lived there.

Since Gladys Christensen loved knickknacks they placed all of these random knickknacks throughout the grounds along with a couple of gift shops. So many random signs and sculptures. The best part? The petting zoo! It wasn’t just any petting zoo though it was exotic which a zebra, camel, warthog, and the cutest little goats.
I’m so excited that I was able to see Utah land that I have never seen before! Our Utah adventures were a success!
Beautiful days,
The Wonder Seeker


Utah Adventures || Moab || Day One

After I finished teaching an art class last Saturday we starting trucking to Moab! We stayed there last Saturday and Sunday. Saturday we explored the little town of Moab and Sunday we went into Arches National Park and Hole N’ The Rock.

Once we got there it was 6pm but we were surprised to see that there was still plenty to do around town until late at night. We checked into our adorable motel at Big Horn Motel, it was very retro and rustic.

As we drove in we saw a really great looking rock shop that we knew we wanted to hit up first. It was called Lin Ottinger’s Moab Rock Shop and it was such a treat. Us three ladies were having a hay day.  Usually rocks you find at shops like this are $5-15 dollars. Here there were tables and tables of treasures outside that were so inexpensive such as $1 tables and even 3 for a $1!  I was also able to score a necklace I spotted at Bryce for $10 but glad I waited because it was only $5 here. Can we also admire all of the crazy little knickknacks in the shop?


Once we got hungry we went to eat at a place called The Spoke On Center. I loved the interior of the place, the lights are very interesting. They also had a great wall collage of bikes in different areas and places. They even had a little ice cream place outside where you can order at the window. As I said in my last post….you can’t go on a hiking trip or adventure without ice cream!


We finished the night off by shopping around the little shops! Lucky for us they were all open by 10pm. I found some really great goodies and souvenirs which included prickly pear fudge, artwork, and a new bumper sticker for my car. (Oh and the fudge? amazing!)


Stay tuned for Moab day two where we explored Arches National Park and Hole N’ The Rock!


Beautiful Days!

The Wonder Seeker










Utah Adventures || Bryce Canyon

Last weekend my little cousin and her friend from California came to Utah on a road trip and I was able to be their tour guide! I was luckily able to go places though that I have never been myself!
The first idea was to head to Zion and Springdale but unfortunately Zion was flooded and a boulder the size of a house fell onto the road block the passage way to get there. So I made a quick plan to head to Bryce Canyon and boy am I glad that I did, what a treat that was! I think I almost enjoy Bryce Canyon better then Zion.
When we went to Bryce we arrived at about 10am and were told that taking the bus into the park would be the best idea which is what I would suggest as well, you are able to look at all of the great scenery around you and not have to worry about parking.
Our first stop was inspiration point which is the famous view of Bryce Canyon. It was so much better then I had ever imagined it to be from what I have seen from postcards. The rock formations are so fascinating. The very top of the point took a little bit of work walking up the very steed slope. It works your legs and breath, that’s for sure, but it was worth it!


As we were walking back to the bus stop there were some very interesting little things to see, such as this tree. Doesn’t it look like a spider?! I love it. There was also a very friendly little chipmunk who enjoyed the spotlight of many cameras in his face. I of course had to test my limits to see how close I could get to get. The lens I had on doesn’t zoom so I did indeed get extremely close until I scared him away, which the tourists didn’t like so much.


The hike that we decided to take was Navajo Trail which is about a 2 mile loop which begins at Sunset Point and you take a troll down Wall Street and you can send your way up to see Thor’s Hammer. This little hike was fantastic and I highly recommend it to anyone of any level of hiking. Wall Street is a fun little path that you take down the canyon. You don’t realize how high those mountains are until you’re down there looking up. Plus the temperatures going down into the canyon are so nice, the perfect temperature.


As we walked on the flat land down the mountain we found the tallest tree that I ever did see and some pretty amazing rocks that had quartz in them! What a great surprise that was to see our in nature and not just in a rock shop. BryceCanyon_11BryceCanyon_12BryceCanyon_14BryceCanyon_16
When we hiked back up the canyon it was a hard work! We had to take a few stops to “admire the view” 😉 but in all seriousness the views were incredible and we were able to see Thor’s Hammer! My cousin Val loves Thor so she was pretty pumped about this. Although the ranger didn’t know why it was called Thor’s Hammer, we’ll take it!


After hard work we headed out of the park to grab some lunch, luckily there was a buffet close by because my stomach needed it. The best part was the giant salad I got, anyone who knows me knows I’m obsessed with a salad buffet. After we filled our stomachs we took my car back into the park to see view points that the bus didn’t take you. My favorite was the little arch at the very end, how precious is that arch?

To top off our Bryce trip we went into their cute little town to get ice cream! Because what’s a hiking trip without ice cream? It’s not the best one, I promise. Get ice cream after your hikes! There was also a great little rock shop (which we love!) however I saved my pennies for an even greater rock shop in Moab….stay tuned for that greatness!

Stay tuned for my Utah Adventures to MOAB!
The Wonder Seeker.




To be around positivity.


As you can tell it’s been a good month since I’ve posted my last blog. Time goes by so quickly. I keep wanting to blog but have been in a little bit of a rut recently on what I want to share with the world. There’s many words I wish to share with the world but wonder if the world ever wants to hear them. I’ve always been one to try and spread positivity, encouragement, happiness, and humor around social media and our world. What happens when the person who enjoys spreading positivity doesn’t feel positive in herself? I would be lying if I said that I didn’t have moments of low self esteem, thoughts of failure, and just in doubt about life and what I’m doing.

Yesterday I received a message from a high school classmate saying that she appreciates my enthusiasm for life and that my positivity spreads through social media and it has actually helped her. When I receive messages like this it brings me so much joy and a jolt of confidence. I always to want spread joy and light in life & blessed that it actually helps others! Amazing things happen to your mind when you’re by positive people and vibes. I am so grateful for all my supporters who encourage me to keep doing what I’m doing and being me! You all bring me so much joy in my heart. *tear*

Sometimes my mind gets clogged up with a million thoughts that I’m not quite sure how to sort them or where to begin. I am on the journey of finding my flow still but it’s a great journey.


A little update on my life…I was offered a third job but actually turned it down. I believe I try to bite off more than I can chew and surprisingly enough my cross stitches have been taking a great rise. I figured that the time I would be spending at that third job I should be stitching and working on my book…which is also in great progress! (A book progress post is on the way!) There’s many projects I want to start that I think I can get others excited about as well and many flowing ideas for my blog. I think I have a further idea as to where I want this blog to go. My goal is to seek all of the wondrous things is the world but also spread wonder and happiness to all!

Have a beautiful and blessed day!

The Wonder Seeker





DIY Desert Garden || Under $5

Holy Moly I’m so excited to share this project with you. I’ve been dreaming about a tiny cactus garden for a while. Not just any cactus garden but Southern Utah inspired. This included the red sand and rocks I found around my hikes. This project cost me less than $5! Depending on how big your bowl is and the cactus you purchase it could vary in price.
Here are the supplies you will need to purchase.
I found this glass bowl at Desert Industries (you can also go to goodwill) for 50 cents!
These little cacti and succulents were $1.50 at our local Star Nursery. Little cacti are pretty inexpensive wherever you go. Are you just in love with this pink moon cactus? I don’t know what I did in life to deserve a pink cactus in my life but here it is! I couldn’t get over the variety of colors to choose from. What a perfect pop of color.
The rest of the supplies I have gathered and found. I went to Dixie rock and picked up some of the red sand. You will have to find a nice sandy patch to gather your sand…you want nice sand and not dirt! These rocks I have gathered throughout various hikes I have taken. Lava rock and colorful red pebbles from Snow Canyon. I love the colorful rocks with lichen on them, so gorgeous and unique.
When you put this together be warned that you will get sand everywhere, this is defiantly something you’ll want to work on outside on the concrete so you can sweep up later.  When you are about to pour your sand in the bowl you’ll want to grab a small strainer. This will keep your sand super clean from rocks and other small debris you don’t want in your garden. You’ll want to place your cactus closer to the bottom before you dump all of your sand in your bowl, it makes it easier to move and place around.
Once you get all of your cacti placed and sand in you’ll want to move them around, place your rocks where you’d like and there you have it….a mini desert garden! Since these are low maintenance you can place this inside as well. I placed mine in my room because I recently designed my room to be a colorful boho style theme so it just looks amazing.


I hope I have inspired you to create a wonderful little desert garden for your summer decor!
The Wonder Seeker

A place called Moon Farm || Fruita, Colorado

Whenever I ask somebody in Colorado if they’ve ever been to Moon Farm I am SHOCKED when they say no and exclaim “What? It’s only the happiest place on earth!” Moon Farm is a farm located in Fruita, Colorado and it’s full of magic. Playhouses to explore, baby bunnies and other animals, peacocks, and wonderful vintage and historical findings.
A little history about my family and Moon Farm. My grandfather’s sister, Ella, married a man name Wallace Moon. They moved to Colorado from Utah in the early 1950’s. They bought a large farm and this is where everything started. They were a creative couple between my uncle Wallace building wonderful things and my Aunt Ella teaching dance. Throughout their years together they adopted 7 children. The family started building tree houses and playhouses and that’s how Moon Farm began! School started coming out for field trips and then it turned into summer camps. Moon Farm is now a place to explore and open for a pumpkin patch during the fall.
I lived at Moon Farm when I was very young. Probably about 2 years old. Although I don’t remember this we have many photographs to show the great time we spent there. I lived in what I probably thought was a complete amusement park, what a time to be alive. I do remember the summer camp I went to while visiting Colorado to see my grandparents. I remember taking the Moon Farm bus and chasing the train while others yelled “CATCH THE TRAIN!”
There’s so many little playhouses to look around including a school (my favorite growing up) church, Mother Goose’s home, little old lady who lived in a shoe, a pyramid, castle, and so much more. Each little home has vintage and historical finds in them. There’s a house full of  old bears,  one of carousel horses,  and their most recent addition….a barbie house! They had a a huge donation collectible barbies! Here is a link to all of their homes to explore. You cannot forget their jungle of stuffed animals too.
There’s a bunny pen where you can go in and cuddle with all the bunnies. Seriously. I told you this was the happiest place on earth.They also have peacocks that roam around the area who like to show off their feathers from time to time. A couple weeks ago I stopped by Moon Farm to see my family and what was new at moon farm. Here are some photographs from my visit!
If you have a chance to stop by Moon Farm in Fruita, Colorado I highly recommend it!



The Wonder Seeker

Thursday Thoughts || Love yourself to health


“I am courageous. I am confident. I respect myself at all times. I live my life with integrity. I am at peace with myself and the world around me. I live a life that is rich with inspiration. I am strong and powerful”
Respecting yourself, having confidence and peace with yourself is the most important thing you can do for your mind, body, and soul. This is something I am so very passionate about.
The other day I weighed myself and what a disaster. I already lost 15 pounds but the past couple months I gained 5 of them back. (I really love Easter candy and chocolate. It’s my all time favorite) After pouting about this for awhile, eating more chocolate, and telling myself “well I’m a chub already, so whatever” I finally told myself “No. You, Mariah, are a sexy beast.”
I’m going to share with you an amazing secret.
Want to know how I lost the weight so easily to begin with? I don’t tell many people about this anymore because I often get negative comments saying that I’m wrong and it doesn’t work like that. Well, you can talk the talk but I’m walking the walk. I TOLD myself I was SKINNY. After I put that into my head I felt skinny and all of my cravings kind of dissolved and I craved healthier food and lots of water. It was actually really amazing. It was a lot easier to learn to love and respect my body then to tell myself “I’m chubby and need to diet” because let’s be honest, diets are completely overrated and everybody needs a little something sweet in their life every now and then, without feeling guilty!
Now that I’m on the path to trying to loving my body again, speak more kindly to myself, and focus on a healthy lifestyle….I have also decided to toss that scale. I don’t want my happiness and feelings to be about what’s on the scale but about how I feel physically and mentally. Becoming scale obsessed is not healthy for your mind and will not help you to love your body.
Don’t only be kind to others but always be kind to yourself. Your mind is such a powerful tool in your body. As Buddha says “Rule your mind or it will rule you”
The Wonder Seeker







Bake with me || Rainbow sprinkles.

Simple rainbow sprinkle sugar cookies.
Today was a rainy/sunny day which just so happens to be my favorite kind of day. It was also the perfect day to relax and bake. April showers bring May flowers. April showers also bring rainbows! Since I didn’t see any rainbows today though, I decided to put them into my cookies. Rainbow sprinkles are my favorite, if a treat is covered with sprinkles I go nuts. I’ve been obsessed with sprinkles since I was a little girl, throughout my entire life I would get a container of sprinkles and just eat them. That’s why I’m so damn sweet and colorful.
The first steps you must do for you baking adventure is to make a cup of tea, light a candle, and blast some groovy tones. This is really required for most things in life though. My tea of choice today was lemon hibiscus, My candle is Daffodil from Yankee Candle, & for my music I’ve been recently obsessed with The Chainsmokers and was perfect for my baking day…especially the songs Roses and Kanye.
I’m no baker. So here you find that I use a lot of the boxed mixes. Maybe someday soon I will do an actually full on baking blog. Today I found a mix though that really did have simple ingredients, just like the box advertises. I compared the ingredients from this mix to another Pillsbury sugar cookie mix and didn’t realize how many nasty chemicals were in the other mixes! I will never go back.
All you need for this mix is a stick of butter and one large egg. I always add a little extra vanilla too, I’m also obsessed with vanilla. Yummy! When you go to mix your cookies, it’s always best if you have an electric mixer. I’ve actually never purchased an electric mixer which was completely okay until I tired mixing cookie dough, cookie dough is much more difficult mix then cake batter. Oops!
Once I finally mixed the dough I added the sprinkles, yippie! When you are finished mixing all of the goods together then spoon them onto a baking pan and throw those puppies into the oven. WAIT! Don’t throw them ALL in the oven. You need some of that cookie dough fix too! 😉
I thought they looked really nice right out of the oven just how they were and tasting amazing. Just sweet enough! If you are into extra sweetness though let me introduce you to, in my opinion, THE best store bought frosting! It’s the Betty Crocker Whipped Frosting. I first discovered the whipped fluffy white a couple years ago when I made cupcakes for my friend’s surprise  birthday party. She actually really dislikes frosting but LOVED those cupcakes and that frosting.  It reminds me of my grandma’s homemade frosting! It’s not too sweet and has a really great fluffy and light texture. I cannot go back to any other brand, ever!
I hope you all enjoyed my blog and that it has inspired you to create something colorful and sweet!