Little life update

Hola from San Felipe!

It’s been nearly two months since the last time we spoke *inserts crying emoji face here*

When you go so long without writing it’s difficult to hop back on the blogging train. Where do I start? What do I say? What to catch you up on? To get the blogging ball rolling again I thought I would do a little photo dump for you about the past two months of my life and travels.

  1. Last time we spoke I just started my month working at the Moon Farm Pumpkin Patch in Fruita, Colorado. It was a great way to get kick off the season of fall with the yellow leaves and pumpkins all around. I also learned how to make the best pumpkin pie!
  2. Disneyland, oh glorious Disneyland. The smell of Pirates of the Caribbean, squealing and laughing down the Matterhorn, It’s a Small World for the holidays, Tigger tails and giant turkey legs.
  3. Salvation Mountain and non-photographed Slab City. So interesting! The people are totally cool and the colorful mountain just makes your heart sing.
  4. I’m currently in San Felipe, Mexico which means sunshine and tacos until mid-December. Did I mention I’m obsessed with octopus tacos?


Stay sunny!





I wore crazy lipstick colors & here’s what I learned.

My secret is out… I’ve always been fascinated and totally jealous of women who can pull off badass lip shades. I’ve always been pretty safe when it comes to lipstick, whenever I put red lipstick on I want to take it off as soon as possible. I definitely stick to light pinks and nudes when it comes to my everyday lip color.

While I was at Walgreens, I saw NYX lipsticks on sale and kept looking at all of the crazy colors and finally thought “Whatever, I’m going to do it!”

I really excepted this to be social experiment more than anything. I thought there would be many double glances, odd looks, any just overall awkward and uncomfortable experiences. I was actually surprised to find that I didn’t get as many looks about my lipstick choices. I think it’s a little more common than I thought or people just kept all comments to themselves. Although the social aspect of it didn’t turn out as I had thought, I still learned quite a bit from this lip color adventure.

You have to think a little more about your outfit choices

Since I’m used to having natural tones of makeup and lip color, I can wear anything with my makeup. However, adding these pops of color had me exploring my outfit choices more than usual. I definitely felt I needed to be “extra” with just about everything as well.

It tests your confidence 

The first day I wore the lipstick, I got really nervous to walk inside the grocery store! It makes you wonder what people think not only about your lipstick but what they think about you. Lip color can set a variety of first impressions for a someone. You can be seen as bold, intimidating, unprofessional, sexy, playful, etc. I think many women are interested in wearing all of these new and interesting shades but it is also extremely intimidating! However, I have found that you just have to stand tall and just own it!


Navy Blue || NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Moscow

This was the first lip color I decided to wear and by far the most dramatic out of the three. It was defiantly a shock! This color I had the most double glances with but also quite a few compliments. I was totally nervous and unsure with this color but it grew on me by the end of the day! I think it definitely brought out some punk to my everyday look without going full black. My best friend also told me that she didn’t like blue at all in the beginning but it grew on her as “sexy and mysterious!” Although I don’t think I would wear this out during the day again, I would love to wear it again in the future. I would apply it for an evening out to a club or cool art event in the city. I think if you’re looking to explore a little edge in your look, go for the deep blue!

LipColor-4Bright Orange ||NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Orange County

Bright Orange might be the most “acceptable” out of these lip shades but definitely wasn’t my favorite. That being said, I enjoy shades of orange much more than shades of red. This is a color I would need to be in the mood for. This color made me feel very exotic and the need to be totally colorful! I think this bright orange would be fun to wear for a beach day or to any summer event.


Deep Lavender || NYX Matte Lipstick in Zen Orchid

Okay, Seriously. I want all shades of purple lipstick! I think this color would look great for just about any event and time of day. You can add it as a fun pop of color during the day or dress it up for the evening. Purple is a very creative color so I thought the perfect outfit for the day was a casual t-shirt which says “Inspire and Be Inspired” with a floppy hat. Let’s just say, I’ve become a huge fan of purple.

What is your favorite crazy lipcolor?

Stay Sunny!


Mexican food-hopping with Dad.

There’s something that my Step-Dad and I have a lot in common and that’s our love of food! He’s also a really great cook and has taught me a lot about cooking since him and my Mom have been together. Since I leave in a few days he decided to take me out for a daddy daughter day date to go shopping and out to eat but let’s be honest, our day was planned around what we were going to eat and where. I love eating out in Mexico because it’s a little bit here…a little bit there! We first hit up the dulceria where we spent a hand full of time looking at different Mexican candy and getting bags full for me to take home. I got 2 bags full for only $10! I think a “Mexican candy haul” blog will soon be on the way! There’s this cute little orange taco truck that I’ve been eyeballing for awhile and we decided to give it a go! They were actually taquitos though and not tacos which was cool because it was something new to try. The taquitos are definitely not what you find in the frozen section of your local grocery story. They double up the tortillas and grill them with red chili sauce. This made them very messy but extremely delicious! Halfway through our shopping we stopped at a little quiet place that sold tortas which are basically sandwiches, but obviously better because it’s Mexico. We ordered one pork and one steak and although the steak was good I think pork was a winner for us! Afterward we stopped at our favorite ice cream shop because what’s a day out without ice cream involved? I had my favorite cookies y crema. As you can imagine, my stomach was very full by the end of the day but it was incredibly worth it! A solid day for the books!


Stay Sunny!


Palm Springs, California || Camera happy at hotels.

It’s December! I’m happy to announce that that I will introducing blogmas on The Seeking Wondrous blog. This means a blog everyday this month full of adventure and holiday cheer! Oh my how exciting the holiday season is. To begin blogmas I am in Palm Springs, California visiting Dustin! Since he has to work during the day I have been exploring Palm Springs during the day. Yesterday I grabbed a coffee treat from Koffi and headed out to get lost on a photo adventure.


When I was looking around online for places to see and do in Palm Springs I kept seeing images of this beautiful and retro hotel that is filled with color! I didn’t know the name of it or where to find it. I was just driving down the street and I saw it! I literally squealed “oh my god the rainbow hotel!” I flew in there and asked them if I could be a silly tourist and go around to take photos. Luckily, they were super cool with it. What a DREAM of a place! Can you get over the colors, the adorable flower hot tub, the hammocks, and those neon lights?! If there was a time I would say “I can’t even” it would be that time.


Another hotel I knew I wanted to check out was ACE Hotel. It’s very rustic with a little bit of retro. It is gorgeous! I loved the wood doors and cute cactus everywhere. My favorite part of course was the famous ACE sign. Also, there’s a little guy hiding out in the ACE sign, can you find him?


That evening when Dustin got home we went out for some Thai food. I was in need of some pad thai. Yum! More Palm Springs adventures are headed your way!







My relationship with God.

I couldn’t tell you my favorite bible verse or my favorite hymn. I can however share with you my path and personal relationship with God. Religion can be a sensitive subject at times but I’m ready to speak my mind about my beliefs.

Growing up in Utah I get a lot of questions and comments about Mormonism during my travels. Especially because I don’t drink or smoke. The answer is yes, I was actually baptized Mormon when I was 10 years old. I didn’t grow up in a Mormon household and it was never expected of me to go, I did however have friends in the church and decided I wanted to go and be baptized too. I was young and honestly didn’t have my own relationship with God yet.

Today, I am not Mormon. I left the church 9 years ago when I was 15 and started to learn more about myself and my true personal beliefs. I was also called as the Mia Maid’s president at this point (The group of young women who were 14 and 15).  At the age where I knew more about myself and my beliefs. The first time I realized that maybe Mormonism wasn’t right for me was when we had an assignment of what Temple we would want to be married in. I didn’t choose a Temple because I did not want to be married in a Temple, I already knew that I wanted my family there next to me as I got married next to a waterfall on the side of mountain or next to the ocean.

My last day in the Mormon church when I was 15…I was sitting in our third hour of church in Young Women’s and we were talking about all the things you shouldn’t be doing such as drinking coffee, tea, alcohol and of course smoking and drugs. Remaining pure and abstinence and that same sex marriage was a sin. Your body is a temple and keep tattoos away. I felt as though I had already sinned and I was not worthy of where I was. I loved coffee and tea, I knew and loved friends who were gay and wanted them happy, and I had already sinned. I felt my stomach drop at that moment and knew I was not worthy.

I left the room, walked home, and cried. My Aunt Deanna asked me why I was crying once I got home and I told her. She said “You cannot leave church upset. You should leave church feeling good and uplifted.” After that conversation I had with my dear Aunt Deanna I never went back.

I do want everybody to know that I do NOT regret my time in the Mormon church. I really did meet beautiful people who are still so dear to my heart today and even though I didn’t fit in I found a huge part of myself and am happy I pulled myself to who I really was and my true spiritual beliefs.

If anything I suppose I’m Christian. I have a relationship with God and am a believer in Jesus Christ. A church that is close to my heart is The First Christian Church. I was blessed in the Grand Junction, Colorado First Christian Church as a baby and will still go to church with my Grandparents whenever I visit them. It’s a place that makes my heart happy and warm, which is a place that everybody deserves in their lives.

I believe in the strength of prayer. Praying is my comfort and meditation. I pray every evening before I sleep and when I’m stressed and scared. I believe in my conscience and what I grew up to know as “The little bird on your shoulder”…hence, my bird tattoos under my collarbone. I believe in being a good person and always growing yourself as a better person. I believe that we rise by lifting others. I believe there is one thing we can all agree with on a spiritual level and that’s becoming the best person you can be.

I believe that we rise by lifting others and truly what God wants us to do as well in life.

Count your blessings and live life with passion and love.

I also wanted to share photos of this adorable Church that we found down by the beach. Does anyone else have a love for small and cute churches?


The Wonder Seeker


DIY Desert Garden || Under $5

Holy Moly I’m so excited to share this project with you. I’ve been dreaming about a tiny cactus garden for a while. Not just any cactus garden but Southern Utah inspired. This included the red sand and rocks I found around my hikes. This project cost me less than $5! Depending on how big your bowl is and the cactus you purchase it could vary in price.
Here are the supplies you will need to purchase.
I found this glass bowl at Desert Industries (you can also go to goodwill) for 50 cents!
These little cacti and succulents were $1.50 at our local Star Nursery. Little cacti are pretty inexpensive wherever you go. Are you just in love with this pink moon cactus? I don’t know what I did in life to deserve a pink cactus in my life but here it is! I couldn’t get over the variety of colors to choose from. What a perfect pop of color.
The rest of the supplies I have gathered and found. I went to Dixie rock and picked up some of the red sand. You will have to find a nice sandy patch to gather your sand…you want nice sand and not dirt! These rocks I have gathered throughout various hikes I have taken. Lava rock and colorful red pebbles from Snow Canyon. I love the colorful rocks with lichen on them, so gorgeous and unique.
When you put this together be warned that you will get sand everywhere, this is defiantly something you’ll want to work on outside on the concrete so you can sweep up later.  When you are about to pour your sand in the bowl you’ll want to grab a small strainer. This will keep your sand super clean from rocks and other small debris you don’t want in your garden. You’ll want to place your cactus closer to the bottom before you dump all of your sand in your bowl, it makes it easier to move and place around.
Once you get all of your cacti placed and sand in you’ll want to move them around, place your rocks where you’d like and there you have it….a mini desert garden! Since these are low maintenance you can place this inside as well. I placed mine in my room because I recently designed my room to be a colorful boho style theme so it just looks amazing.


I hope I have inspired you to create a wonderful little desert garden for your summer decor!
The Wonder Seeker