Throwback Thursday || Winooski, Vermont

Throwback Thursday is so popular so I thought why not do a travel edition of places I’ve traveled to or lived and other travel stories that I have not been able to feature on the blog before?

I’ve been seeing all the snow that my Vermont friends are posting and it made me think about Winooski Vermont, a small town that I called home for a little over a year. Winooski is right outside of Burlington, Vermont which is where we went to work so we normally just told people that we were from Burlington. Winooski was small, hip, and a little rough around the edges. It’s what most people like to call “ghetto” but I thought it was interesting! Our little apartment was actually a very old house divided into two different apartments which is very common in that area.


My favorite part about Winooski was the Winooski River which was walking distance and always a great place to go for a walk and take some photographs! There’s also a part of the river with rocks that you can climb on next to the little waterfall, that was my favorite thinking spot! If you walk along the trail you will come across a bike path and a very large patch of grass that is surrounded with trees which is a great place to toss around a football or lay out with a book in your hand.


Winooski is also filled with many great restaurants. Anywhere from breakfast, lunch, to dinner. There was even a little local coffee shop which was very overpriced and the staff actually wasn’t too friendly…but it was pretty cute still. One of our favorite places to go was a little Italian place and let me tell you, it was really good Italian food! Just the cutest little ma and pa place! One of my favorite culinary experiences though was Waterworks which sits right on the river. It was at an awesome location, the interior was beautiful, and the food was actually really great too!


Aside from the restaurants they also had a couple of hip shops which I always had to go look around in. One of my favorites was this great vintage store which always had a great selection of books!

Although Vermont did not work out for me in the long run I really did enjoyed my time there and will never regret the great time I had spent there! It was great to live in New England for a small amount of time. It was beautiful and it’s always fun and exciting to live in a new culture that you didn’t grow up in.

(All photos in this post are taken with my Holga or iPhone)

Stay Sunny!


Vermont life highlights.

Oh, Vermont, The Green Mountain State. A place filled with people who have an insane love of cows and will drink maple syrup for lunch. Well, it’s down to the last few days of my time here in Vermont. Just because Vermont didn’t become a forever home for me  doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the time I’ve had here! It’s beautiful here and a new culture to experience. I’ve seen some great new places, tried new things, and it was a great adventure. Here are some of my favorite memories, highlights, places, and all things wonderful in Vermont. Most these great memories are from the summer, personally my favorite season in Vermont.
Winooski || Winooski is where we live, about 5 minutes from Burlington and I personally think it’s adorable and interesting. It’s a really great place to take walks to downtown where there’s great restaurants such as Papa Franks, a little hole in the wall family owned Italian place, it’s a MUST for Calzones. It’s also much more affordable then the other expensive hipster spots. Another place I love to be in Winooski is by the Winooski River. It’s not the cleanest water in the world but it’s still calming to watch the river and climb around on the rocks. There’s great walking trails as well!
Lake Champlain || Lake Champlain is the 6th largest lake in The United States. We even have our own “Lake Monster”…Champ! Walking around the marinas and the waterfront is one of my favorite things to do downtown. During the summer we took a cruise around Lake Champlain which was fabulous. I loved the views of the lake and the green mountains.
Local Farmer’s Markets || “Local” is HUGE in Vermont. During the summer there are really great Farmer’s Markets which have yummy food, gorgeous flowers, art, and other local Vermont goods (maple syrup) Saturdays we would go to Burlington’s larger market and Sundays we would walk down to Winooski, there was a girl who would make this great basil and mint lemonade that I couldn’t miss during my summer Sundays, no matter what.
Maple Syrup || It would be a sin if I didn’t mention maple syrup. Okay, I get it now, it really is amazing and people here are completely obsessed. Mrs. Butterworth’s is a complete sin now and I can never go back. When Maple season kicks off the sugar homes offer huge free breakfasts and have maple festivals! Last year we went to a breakfast and it was so incredible, just the best pancake breakfast. I’ve become in love with maple flavored treats such as steamed maple milk at Underground Café located on Church Street. This Saturday we are actually going to the maple festival too.
Cremees || What’s a cremee? A cremee is well… a soft serve. Some people think it’s a stupid name for it but I think it’s so darn cute. “Let’s go get cremees!” sounds so much better then “Let’s go get a soft serve” Am I right? Back home sno cone shacks are “the summer thing”… here though…it’s cremees and THE reason why I never lost weight in the summer. haha, oops.  Our favorite spot was next to Lake Champlain at Burlington Bay Market and Café. Oh my goodness, this is where I was hooked. My favorite is blackberry covered, okay more like drowning…in rainbow sprinkles for a colorful happy treat! Or maple covered with chocolate sprinkles. mmmm! Not only were they my favorite summer treat but it’s a great view of Lake Champlain.
 Play Ball! || I never really got into the entire baseball culture but there’s a baseball minor league called the “Lake Monsters” and Champ himself is the mascot. He’s so cute! I was able to walk to the games and go in for free since Ronnie’s station was there a lot. We sat and watched the game for a bit and ate really yummy food, my personal favorite are French fries covered with cheese and other goodness! They even had this huge hotdog night, which I actually hate hotdogs and the smell was the worst but my Mom paid me $30 to eat one, so I was down for that. Even though we never stayed for the entire game to get home before dark (because we walked) it was honestly so much fun! I still don’t get excited by baseball games but the culture of it all is a blast!
The season of fall || If there is one thing you must experience…it would be Vermont in the Fall. This was my first and only fall in Vermont and it was apparently really late and didn’t stay as long as it normally does. I was able to experience REAL fall colors in Burke, Vermont though while Ronnie had an art show. The colors were so vibrant, there were even dark purples in the trees which I’ve never seen before. It was so incredible and just a dream for all lovers of cozy season of Fall.
New England Traveling || Since New England is so condensed it’s easy to take little weekend trips. During the summer we traveled to Boston, MA which was such a fantastic weekend trip! We walked Freedom Trail, explored downtown, went to a Boston Red Sox game, and took a ferry to Fort Warren…what a great time that was! We also traveled to Providence, Rhode Island during the winter this year. I was able to explore downtown and go to the art museum. It was a great little trip and experience, I love to explore new places with no plan!
 I am now off for a new adventure!
The Wonder Seeker