Adventures with Girlfriends

What’s better then adventures? Adventures with girlfriends. Every girl needs a few good girlfriends in their life! Not only was a blessed with good company but also with some beautiful weather!

My goal has been to purchase a National Parks Pass so Indigo and I made our way out to Zion so we could explore. Obviously on your way to Zion you have to stop at all of the great rock shops in Springdale and also have breakfast or lunch at Oscars Café!

Our trip through Zion was quick because I honestly didn’t know where I was going or what I was looking for. We ended up just driving from the beginning to the far end of Zion and stopping along the way to take photos.  On our way out I got a bumbleberry pie shake (their bumbleberry pie is “world famous”) When they say  a “pie shake” they literally mean and entire slice of pie in the milkshake. It was glorious and my body needed the gym the next day.

Zion_1_March 20, 2017

Zion_1_March 20, 2017-2


Sunday Brea and I went out to Little Black Mountain Petroglyph Site. I’ve lived in Southern Utah almost my entire life and I have never seen petroglyphs! We had a good laugh during the drive because I wasn’t sure if my little car would make it up and down the rocky hills. Luckily, Moe Moe (my car) didn’t die and he’s doing just fine. (Yes, my car is also a boy.)

The park is small but a great place to walk around on a nice day and a place I would highly suggest for anyone with a family. Also, if you are a fan of lizards, we saw some great lizards running around! Brea was trying desperately to catch a horny toad as I was squealing “No! It’s going to shoot blood at you from its eyeball!” She say it’s a myth, I say it’s real. Thoughts? Comments? I need answers.

Where is Little Black Mountain Petroglyph Site? This gave us easy directions!



Stay Sunny!


Only you can save yourself.

Let me say it loud and clear for everyone to hear in the back.

You can have thousands of dollars in your wallet. You can have 10K followers on Instagram. You can have the body every girl is dying to get this summer. You can have the most amazing man tell you everyday how smart, beautiful, and sexy you are to them and more.

You can have all of these things that everyone craves but if you have fallen, only you can help yourself back up on your feet.

Be kind to yourself and learn to love and accept yourself.


Stay Sunny!


The Parade of Homes | Luxury & Environment.

I like to think that I’m fairly low maintenance and then I attend The Parade of Homes in my hometown of St. George, Utah and I quickly realize that I have a little more of an expensive taste then I’d like to admit and that I’m going to need to marry rich.

I haven’t attended The Parade of Homes for years and was very excited that I was in town to do so this year. Although I was not able to attend all of them I do believe I was able to see some great homes and get a feel as to what’s popular this year. I did notice this year was a little different from the past. I used to remember huge homes that were priced at 2 million- 6 million dollars but this year the homes were much smaller and I believe the most expensive home was a little under 2 million. This was actually really great because it seemed a little more realistic as to what I can put into my future home someday.


Decor is not the only thing that I swoon over in homes but also the environment! As a grown Southern Utah desert rat I am obsessed with my red desert rocks and believe it is one of the most beautiful environments you can surround yourself in. The Georgia O’Keeffe in me finds great inspiration with colorful desert land. Kayenta homes always fulfill my love of colorful desertscapes.

The importance of sunlight in my life is huge and is what brings me great motivation. I am a huge fan of large window spaces that pour in sunlight and a detail I know I will need in my future home someday. An office and creative space filled with sunlight would be an amazing working environment.


Obviously, we need a selfie.


Here are some luxurious spaces that are worth mentioning.

  1. This home was bought and decorated by a lover of someone who hunts, can you tell? This is a space that no vegetarian wants to walk into, it even made me feel a little uncomfortable. Do you see the hippopotamus? I’m not exactly sure how I’d feel about living in a wildlife museum but it was still interested to see.
  2. This meditation room, probably something that everyone should learn to apply into their busy lives. You can even move the pillows off the floor and make it into a small dance studio. Again, the window space is great.
  3. With my love of red rocks, large windows, and baths….just bring me a coffee with baileys and leave me to my heavenly peace.
  4. Kids are not on my mind for quite sometime but how can you not go crazy of this kid’s bedroom?! This space is actually made for an army of children but that teepee! These kids have it made.
  5. I’m not really a pool person but this pool space makes my heart sing and actually makes me reconsider myself as a pool person. THAT VIEW, THOUGH.
  6. This nearly all white home made you feel the need to wash your hands every few minutes but it was so beautiful! Makes you feel so fresh, clean, and new!
  7. This sitting/reading space in front of that view, yes please! Pass me my favorite book and I’ll be set for days. Although I would like to switch out that chair with a floor of cushions!








Stay sunny!








Fisheye fun

Happy Thursday, Wonder Seekers!

I’m officially back in sunny Southern Utah! It’s always different living back in my hometown but I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts! Today I started my old job again at The Art Museum which I’m totally in love with and very passionate about! Between school, a great job, and new traveling opportunities I am feeling so excited and blessed! It was gloomy the first few days I arrived but we finally got out sunny days with perfect 70 degree temperatures. “Winter” in Southern Utah is something I do not complain about especially after seeing the blizzards in the eastern states lately…I am happy to not be in the New England area right now!

I ordered a new toy and was happy to see it when I got home…a fisheye lens for my iPhone! I’ve been dying to test it out and yesterday was the perfect day! I love Pioneer Park and wandering around the red rocks that remind me of Mars, it’s a place that really reminds me that I’m home. All photos were taken with my iPhone and edited with the 1967 app using the LA Groove filter.



Stay Sunny!


Just go.

It’s 5:30pm Friday September 23rd and I have a plate full of business that I need to get done before my big move to Mexico in a week. It’s so nice outside though, the temperature has dropped from our scorching 100 degrees to 75. My perfect temperature, just enough for a light long sleeve shirt. I decided last minute to grab my hiking shoes, camera, and just go. You can procrastinate if it frees your mind and opens your spirit.

My favorite thing to do is to JUST GO. Many times when I’m stressing out but thinking about how much I would love to go on a hike I will often times just tell myself to go anyway. Think of it as dieting (this very much applies to me anyway) you have been eating raw food for so long but you just have a great hankering for that donut from your local bakery. You’re just going to sit there and think about that donut. Free yourself and just have it. Think of the world as your donut. 🙂

Just go!


Hiking Chuckwalla Trail in St. George Utah || Photo lens: Lensbaby Spark.





Utah Adventures || Moab || Arches National Park and Hole N” The Rock

The second day we woke up early and headed to Arches National Park! They say that there are 2,000 arches in the park and although I didn’t see 2,000 arches it was still amazing!
Our first stop in the park was Balancing Rock, my cousin has a great obsession with big boulders so she enjoyed this stop very much. (“I like that boulder, that’s a nice boulder” – Donkey from Shrek) I also had a random elder Korean tourist lady want to take a picture with me in front of Balancing Rock, that was interesting. We also saw a jack rabbit! I could snag a photo of him because he was so quick but it was really neat to see the big guy running around.


We did not do the hike to Delicate Arch (THE arch of arches in the park) because it’s supposed to be very strenuous and we wanted to explore as much as possible that morning.  We did however go hike the lower view point of it.


We also hiked to double arches, that was a nice easy hike and you were able to get up close to some arches and see some nice views as well. The double art is almost cave like so it was fun to see how high we could get to the top!
After all of the fun we could have at The Arches National Park before it got terribly hot outside we headed out to Hole N’ The Rock! I have read about this place and it’s been on my Utah bucket list and so happy I was able to go see it finally.

Hole N’ The Rock is a 5,000 square foot home that was built into a very large rock in the Canyonlands by Albert and Gladys Christensen. This place is so unique and the story is so much fun! We were not allowed to take photos during the tour which was a bummer because I wish I could share everything! I really liked the fact that they kept all of their belongings and furniture just how it was when they lived there.

Since Gladys Christensen loved knickknacks they placed all of these random knickknacks throughout the grounds along with a couple of gift shops. So many random signs and sculptures. The best part? The petting zoo! It wasn’t just any petting zoo though it was exotic which a zebra, camel, warthog, and the cutest little goats.
I’m so excited that I was able to see Utah land that I have never seen before! Our Utah adventures were a success!
Beautiful days,
The Wonder Seeker


Utah Adventures || Moab || Day One

After I finished teaching an art class last Saturday we starting trucking to Moab! We stayed there last Saturday and Sunday. Saturday we explored the little town of Moab and Sunday we went into Arches National Park and Hole N’ The Rock.

Once we got there it was 6pm but we were surprised to see that there was still plenty to do around town until late at night. We checked into our adorable motel at Big Horn Motel, it was very retro and rustic.

As we drove in we saw a really great looking rock shop that we knew we wanted to hit up first. It was called Lin Ottinger’s Moab Rock Shop and it was such a treat. Us three ladies were having a hay day.  Usually rocks you find at shops like this are $5-15 dollars. Here there were tables and tables of treasures outside that were so inexpensive such as $1 tables and even 3 for a $1!  I was also able to score a necklace I spotted at Bryce for $10 but glad I waited because it was only $5 here. Can we also admire all of the crazy little knickknacks in the shop?


Once we got hungry we went to eat at a place called The Spoke On Center. I loved the interior of the place, the lights are very interesting. They also had a great wall collage of bikes in different areas and places. They even had a little ice cream place outside where you can order at the window. As I said in my last post….you can’t go on a hiking trip or adventure without ice cream!


We finished the night off by shopping around the little shops! Lucky for us they were all open by 10pm. I found some really great goodies and souvenirs which included prickly pear fudge, artwork, and a new bumper sticker for my car. (Oh and the fudge? amazing!)


Stay tuned for Moab day two where we explored Arches National Park and Hole N’ The Rock!


Beautiful Days!

The Wonder Seeker










Utah Adventures || Bryce Canyon

Last weekend my little cousin and her friend from California came to Utah on a road trip and I was able to be their tour guide! I was luckily able to go places though that I have never been myself!
The first idea was to head to Zion and Springdale but unfortunately Zion was flooded and a boulder the size of a house fell onto the road block the passage way to get there. So I made a quick plan to head to Bryce Canyon and boy am I glad that I did, what a treat that was! I think I almost enjoy Bryce Canyon better then Zion.
When we went to Bryce we arrived at about 10am and were told that taking the bus into the park would be the best idea which is what I would suggest as well, you are able to look at all of the great scenery around you and not have to worry about parking.
Our first stop was inspiration point which is the famous view of Bryce Canyon. It was so much better then I had ever imagined it to be from what I have seen from postcards. The rock formations are so fascinating. The very top of the point took a little bit of work walking up the very steed slope. It works your legs and breath, that’s for sure, but it was worth it!


As we were walking back to the bus stop there were some very interesting little things to see, such as this tree. Doesn’t it look like a spider?! I love it. There was also a very friendly little chipmunk who enjoyed the spotlight of many cameras in his face. I of course had to test my limits to see how close I could get to get. The lens I had on doesn’t zoom so I did indeed get extremely close until I scared him away, which the tourists didn’t like so much.


The hike that we decided to take was Navajo Trail which is about a 2 mile loop which begins at Sunset Point and you take a troll down Wall Street and you can send your way up to see Thor’s Hammer. This little hike was fantastic and I highly recommend it to anyone of any level of hiking. Wall Street is a fun little path that you take down the canyon. You don’t realize how high those mountains are until you’re down there looking up. Plus the temperatures going down into the canyon are so nice, the perfect temperature.


As we walked on the flat land down the mountain we found the tallest tree that I ever did see and some pretty amazing rocks that had quartz in them! What a great surprise that was to see our in nature and not just in a rock shop. BryceCanyon_11BryceCanyon_12BryceCanyon_14BryceCanyon_16
When we hiked back up the canyon it was a hard work! We had to take a few stops to “admire the view” 😉 but in all seriousness the views were incredible and we were able to see Thor’s Hammer! My cousin Val loves Thor so she was pretty pumped about this. Although the ranger didn’t know why it was called Thor’s Hammer, we’ll take it!


After hard work we headed out of the park to grab some lunch, luckily there was a buffet close by because my stomach needed it. The best part was the giant salad I got, anyone who knows me knows I’m obsessed with a salad buffet. After we filled our stomachs we took my car back into the park to see view points that the bus didn’t take you. My favorite was the little arch at the very end, how precious is that arch?

To top off our Bryce trip we went into their cute little town to get ice cream! Because what’s a hiking trip without ice cream? It’s not the best one, I promise. Get ice cream after your hikes! There was also a great little rock shop (which we love!) however I saved my pennies for an even greater rock shop in Moab….stay tuned for that greatness!

Stay tuned for my Utah Adventures to MOAB!
The Wonder Seeker.




A place called Kayenta, Utah

Oh Kayenta, I’ve always had a love for Kayenta. My mother used to take me quite a bit growing up, we always looked forward to the art festivals that would go on in the Coyote Gulch. Kayenta is located closet to Ivins which is home to many beautiful high end adobe style homes. Kayenta is also home to a great desert art scene which is called the art village. Here you will find bright and colorful artwork which is also desert related and just so happens to be something I’m really inspired by at the moment.
There’s also a great coffee shop/restaurant called Xetava in the art village which I always look forward to going to. The decor is amazing and I always order their Royden Lemonade Supreme which is blending with vanilla, coconut, and fresh lemonade. It’s a little spendy but definitely a refreshing treat.
The Desert Rose labyrinth and sculpture garden is something you don’t want to miss. The sculptures around the path are all very unique. The last time I was here there were many trinkets and gems that other people have left in the middle on the large rock. I wish I had something to leave to start the trend again, unfortunately I never thought about it.
If you are looking for the best time to go I would suggest early fall. That’s when all of the galleries are open and most of their festivals are held!
Happy adventures,
The Wonder Seeker