Little life update

Hola from San Felipe!

It’s been nearly two months since the last time we spoke *inserts crying emoji face here*

When you go so long without writing it’s difficult to hop back on the blogging train. Where do I start? What do I say? What to catch you up on? To get the blogging ball rolling again I thought I would do a little photo dump for you about the past two months of my life and travels.

  1. Last time we spoke I just started my month working at the Moon Farm Pumpkin Patch in Fruita, Colorado. It was a great way to get kick off the season of fall with the yellow leaves and pumpkins all around. I also learned how to make the best pumpkin pie!
  2. Disneyland, oh glorious Disneyland. The smell of Pirates of the Caribbean, squealing and laughing down the Matterhorn, It’s a Small World for the holidays, Tigger tails and giant turkey legs.
  3. Salvation Mountain and non-photographed Slab City. So interesting! The people are totally cool and the colorful mountain just makes your heart sing.
  4. I’m currently in San Felipe, Mexico which means sunshine and tacos until mid-December. Did I mention I’m obsessed with octopus tacos?


Stay sunny!





Mexican food-hopping with Dad.

There’s something that my Step-Dad and I have a lot in common and that’s our love of food! He’s also a really great cook and has taught me a lot about cooking since him and my Mom have been together. Since I leave in a few days he decided to take me out for a daddy daughter day date to go shopping and out to eat but let’s be honest, our day was planned around what we were going to eat and where. I love eating out in Mexico because it’s a little bit here…a little bit there! We first hit up the dulceria where we spent a hand full of time looking at different Mexican candy and getting bags full for me to take home. I got 2 bags full for only $10! I think a “Mexican candy haul” blog will soon be on the way! There’s this cute little orange taco truck that I’ve been eyeballing for awhile and we decided to give it a go! They were actually taquitos though and not tacos which was cool because it was something new to try. The taquitos are definitely not what you find in the frozen section of your local grocery story. They double up the tortillas and grill them with red chili sauce. This made them very messy but extremely delicious! Halfway through our shopping we stopped at a little quiet place that sold tortas which are basically sandwiches, but obviously better because it’s Mexico. We ordered one pork and one steak and although the steak was good I think pork was a winner for us! Afterward we stopped at our favorite ice cream shop because what’s a day out without ice cream involved? I had my favorite cookies y crema. As you can imagine, my stomach was very full by the end of the day but it was incredibly worth it! A solid day for the books!


Stay Sunny!


Is this water sanitary?

Yesterday about 15 minutes before leaving on a desert adventure and trip to the waterfalls here in Mexico I got sick. When I say I got sick I mean sitting in the bathroom puking my guts out until I was in tears. THE WORST. So, this canceled my trip for an adventure that day. The greatest adventure I had was laying like a slug in bed all day with ginger ale, munching on crackers, and Netflix. Which, I hope you are all happy to know that Catfish is on Netflix, my personal guilty pleasure.

Come to find out I got sick from the water. We went out to dinner a couple of days before and a few of us had iced tea, those of us who did are all ill, and assuming that the water the iced tea was made from was not clean and purified. How do we know it was from the water and not the food? Food poisoning kicks in right away most of the time…when it’s water it takes a little longer. For us it was between 36-48 hours to kick in.

When others joke to me saying “Don’t drink the water in Mexico” It’s a serious thing, I cannot drink the water unless it has been purified and/or boiled. The reason for bad water in Mexico has a lot to do with the pipes. The water pipes are old and rusted which causes impurities in the water.

Today, I woke up feeling brand new! Although I won’t be running a half marathon today, I can at least get a few things accomplished. You don’t realize how good it feels to be healthy after you’ve had a day from hell.

This actually reminds me of my favorite scene from Disney’s Tarzan. Little Tantor is seriously adorable.


On a very serious note, today I am feeling blessed for clean water! I live in a place where we have many outlets and access to clean water but unfortunately, there are many areas in our world that do not come close to having access to clean water. Bad water is very critical to your health and can cause many waterborne illnesses and diseases much worse then what happened to me, even death. Not only is clean water critical to your health but also increases access to food and also education!  A charity group that I found myself looking and researching a lot about has been Charity Water. Please take a look at this video! It’s a really great video that gives you a better understand of how clean water can change everything.


Count your blessings and stay sunny!

The Wonder Seeker






Festival del Camarón

I still feel like a shrimp after this past Saturday evening at the shrimp fest. The shrimp festival in San Felipe has booths of art, treats, and of course shrimp all the way down the Malecon. I told myself that I could eat whatever I wanted and as much as I wanted that day without feeling bad about myself in the end. My stomach was getting very full half way down the Malecon but I was staying strong for more.



This first stop had to have been my favorite. Combo plate of a coconut shrimp, mango and whiskey salsa, and cream of green pepper. The coconut shrimp from here was actually my favorite through the entire evening. I loved the cream sauce on top of it!


Right: Chocolate clams stuffed with the clam, shrimp, cheese, and other goods. You cannot forget the lime. Left: Shrimp and chips, battered and fried shrimp with some ranch as a dripping sauce.

Not only did I munch my way down the Malecon on shrimp but I also found someone who was selling horchata! I have been in search of horchata since I’ve been here but apparently it’s not as common as I thought it was or “out of season.” When I saw that he was selling it I literally squealed “Horchata!”  My heart was very happy.



Also…drumroll please….I ate a cricket! It was a little spontaneous. There was a lady selling small bags of them and I asked if she had a sample. It took me a little bit to get the courage to pop that sucker in my mouth. It was really humorous to see everyone watching me try to eat it, because they knew it was something very different for an American girl to do. It was extremely salty and the texture was a little grainy. It wasn’t terrible but I don’t think it will be my choice of snack.

Did I mention the candy carts and candy stand? I left with a bag full of goodies! A coconut macaroon, fudge, watermelon gummies covered with chili sauce, and cotton candy!


Time to go on a diet now!

The Wonder Seeker


Valley of The Giants || San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico


This past week I had the treat of going out to Valle de los Gigantes which means Valley of the Giants….what kind of giants are we talking about? Okay, desert rats and cactus lovers such as myself, I’m about to steal your heart with this. It’s a forest full giant of cadon cacti.

There’s something very intimidating about a 30-50 foot cactus overlooking your small 5′ 3″ body. I have made a little diagram of us compared to the cactus. This sucker takes about 4 and 3/4 Mariahs. INSANE


Unfortunately the largest cactus fell to the ground just a couple of years ago, which breaks my heart when I think about it. All the remains of the cactus is the fallen skeleton.


Back in 1992 (The year I was also born) they transplanted a 45 foot cactus to Seville, Spain for a 500th anniversary for the discovery of the Americas. I think it would be amazing to go to Seville, Spain and see the cactus that was taken from my much loved San Felipe.


We really lucked out on the weather, especially because we were in the middle of the desert, it was a cooler day with a slight overcast. I have heard from people that in the summer heat you can hear rattlesnakes everywhere which I honestly think would be so cool, very chilling but very neat. I am very happy that I was able to get out and walk around in the desert though instead of hike from snakes.  There were however monarch butterflies flying everywhere!  One landed on me for a brief second, which I’ve heard is good luck so now I’m debating on purchasing a lottery ticket.


I also have a challenge for you if end up visiting the Valley of the Giants (Which should be on your bucket list now)….try to find this statue up on top of a mountain. It’s a real life game of Where’s Waldo.


Stay Sunny!
The Wonder Seeker

Shopping in Mexico


“Good deal for you today only!” is a common phrase you will hear while shopping in Mexico. I think shopping in Mexico is so much fun, and I’m also getting a lot better at bartering to get a better deal too. Shopping is actually really good right now too because the peso is so low at the moment which is bad for the Mexicans but good for the Americans.

I have a great love for the colorful Mexican patterns, it’s become my favorite decorating style actually. There are a few things that have been on my list to get while I was in Mexico which included a nice ring, a blanket, and a little bowl to hold my bracelets and of course a coffee mug. It’s really difficult to not want more though! I think my next shopping list is a vase and a dress.

The place we shop at is called The Malecon. The Malecon is by the sea with lots of little shops and restaurants, can you get better then that?

Since they all sell the same type of merchandise and products it’s always a scavenger hunt to find that really unique one. I like to look at all of the shops first, get prices, and then go back to the best one. Although sometimes you will get a killer price that you just can’t pass up at that moment….but you could also see one you like much better at the next place…the struggle!

Making relationships with vendors is also a very good idea when out shopping. You become a loyal customer to them and they will give you the best deals. I got my ring from someone my parent’s always go to, he’s usually down on the Malecon or at our Saturday swap meets. I love this ring so much, I’m in love with circle shaped rings and the orange gemstone really goes with my style and love of wearing warm colors.


I loved this bowl and coffee mug, my favorite part about these that I haven’t seen before is they have some pink in them! You all know me, even a little touch of pink will make my heart sing.

I was on a hunt for a blanket to hang on my wall behind my bed as some décor, these normally run about 35-50 dollars but I got mine for about $25. There was a blanket that was all pink and I was SO tempted to get that but I knew I should have something with some more color other then all pink. (Okay, you get it, I love pink) I haven’t hung this above my bed yet because I kind of like it laying on my bed better, it’s also quite cozy! I guess this means I need to go shopping for more ideas of what to put on my wall…darn 🙂


What cool things have you scored in Mexico or any other foreign country?!


The Wonder Seeker

Beach Please

What’s one of the greatest things about being in Mexico? I’m so close to the sea!  San Felipe is located northeast of  Baja California which means we are located on the Sea Of Cortez (The Pacific Ocean is on the other side of the Baja) Where we are the water is pretty shallow and feels like warm bath water for the most part. This makes it really great to wade or sit and just soak your feet in the water. I enjoy it because I’m honestly scared of deep waters where I can’t see under my feet.

This week we took a few trips down the to beach where I waded my feet in the warm water and found treasures. One afternoon we spent time clamming during low tide…clamming is so much fun and who doesn’t love fresh clams? mmm! I got a little distracted though and wandered off and found a few treasures that were left behind by the tide, including multiple sand dollars still in tact! If that’s not exciting I don’t know what is.


We also took a little trip to a beach that was completely deserted that day which I couldn’t understand why because it was beautiful! There were also many treasures to find there as well, it was very enjoyable. Since the water is so shallow here you won’t see huge waves of many surfers out in the water, I took my boogie board and that didn’t work so well either. I ending up just using it as a floating device.


Stay Sunny!


The Wonder Seeker



Hola from Mexico!

Well, we made it to San Felipe! We drove in on Sunday early afternoon and everything went surprisingly smoothly. I was expecting delays getting into the boarder, multiple questions, troubles getting visas, etc. The greatest part was arriving in Calexico and the GPS said we were an HOUR away from Mexicali and the boarder but 5 minutes later we started crossing the boarder. I was a little frightened that maybe I wasn’t going the way I was supposed to and remember asking “Where are we?! Are we in Mexicali?!” The man at the boarder looked at me like I had lost my mind. My mind was blown. We pulled in, got our visas, and we were off! Easy breezy. The last time I was in Mexicali I felt like it was so busy and a little terrifying to drive through and I was only the passenger then so I was prepared to drive through it myself. Fortunately though it wasn’t that busy and I managed to get through it all without panicking. They didn’t even check my car at the military check point and just waved me on by to enter, hooray!

The drive from St. George to San Felipe drastically changed from Saturday and Sunday. Saturday evening we stayed din Blythe California and the drive was just dry desert land. Blythe to Mexicali was actually pretty neat with more mountains. We even ran into Glamis Sand Dunes, I don’t think I’ve never been to sand dunes like that and it was so cool to see!  Mexicali to San Felipe is very interesting of course because you are in an entire new country now and there’s actually quite a bit of mountains which I think is absolutely fantastic. It took awhile for us to figure out though if we could see the sea or a mirage.



This first week is full of socializing and tourist attractions while my Aunt is in town.

Monday we spent the morning at the pool where I played water volleyball. Water Volleyball is like a religion in San Felipe and people GET INTO IT. I actually wasn’t terrible either and even scored a point.

After getting a great sunburn we went back to the house where we had visitors drop in and visit. In Mexico when you say to someone “Stop by anytime” they totally mean it. When I mean drop in I mean someone actually knocks on your door to see if your home or literally walks in your door, it’s normal. There’s a great value of friends, family, and relationships in Mexico.


Yesterday we spent the early afternoon in downtown San Felipe where we went to The Taco Factory. It was also national We Love Tacos day, perfect day to have amazing authentic tacos. I had two pulpo tacos, which is octopus and oh my heavens is it the most amazing thing ever. Also, let’s admire the crema. mmmmmm crema.


There was also a stray kitten with no tail running around that I so badly wanted to put in my backpack and take home with me. After lunch we walked around and did some shopping and walked by the sea.


More adventures to come!


The Wonder Seeker









Today we say “See You Later” to the Red Rocks of my home in Southern Utah. I have had the greatest blessing to have some time to be home for a good few months to soak up some quality time with my grandparents, friends, new Utah adventures, and the great sunshine of our hot summers. I also had the greatest opportunity of working at The St. George Art Museum which has helped me bring a clearer understand of myself and my career path. I will of course will miss home but will always be back!


The Seeking Wondrous Life Blog will be following me to San Felipe, Baja California in Mexico!

I am so excited for you to join me on this new journey down where I will be seeking new adventures and working hard on my creative business! I am looking forward to growing my blog into something bigger and into a business of it’s own. I would love to tell you everything I have in mind and all I will be showing you but I’d hate to spoil some good surprises!

See you in Mexico!

The Wonder Seeker.