Little life update

Hola from San Felipe!

It’s been nearly two months since the last time we spoke *inserts crying emoji face here*

When you go so long without writing it’s difficult to hop back on the blogging train. Where do I start? What do I say? What to catch you up on? To get the blogging ball rolling again I thought I would do a little photo dump for you about the past two months of my life and travels.

  1. Last time we spoke I just started my month working at the Moon Farm Pumpkin Patch in Fruita, Colorado. It was a great way to get kick off the season of fall with the yellow leaves and pumpkins all around. I also learned how to make the best pumpkin pie!
  2. Disneyland, oh glorious Disneyland. The smell of Pirates of the Caribbean, squealing and laughing down the Matterhorn, It’s a Small World for the holidays, Tigger tails and giant turkey legs.
  3. Salvation Mountain and non-photographed Slab City. So interesting! The people are totally cool and the colorful mountain just makes your heart sing.
  4. I’m currently in San Felipe, Mexico which means sunshine and tacos until mid-December. Did I mention I’m obsessed with octopus tacos?


Stay sunny!





Colorado Adventures.

Well, I’m off on a new adventure once again and this time I’m out in Frutia, Colorado working at the Moon Farm Pumpkin Patch with my family! I have been in Colorado for the past two weeks and before arriving to Fruita I took a trip to Denver and Colorado Springs to explore and see my good friends!

I think about how I miss Denver all the time so I literally cried when I drove in. I was so excited to be in my favorite city and spend time with some friends who are so dear to my heart. My Denver trip involved the Botanical Gardens and the Denver Art Museum. I always love going to the DAM, they also have some great exhibits right now that are very inspiring. I encourage everyone to take a solo trip to their local art museum!

Outside of Denver I also took a day trip with my good friend, Jayce to Georgetown! Georgetown is this great little quaint place with history, shops and cafes. We also had to have some ice cream (obviously) I had sour cream poppyseed with a scoop of green tea! It sounds terrible but it was so wonderful. The best part of our Georgetown trip though? The train ride! I’ve never been on a train and it was the perfect thing to do to kick off the season of fall! The colors were beautiful and although it rained on us and became rather cold, we saw an amazing rainbow! If I could paint, that would be an image to paint.

In Colorado Springs my Colorado BFF McKenzie and I went to Garden of the Gods and then onto Manitou Springs. Manitou is also a small town filled with amazing shops and also a penny arcade with adorable vintage games to play on. We ended the day eating Ramen on Main Street in CO Springs, yum!

After Colorado Springs I headed to Fruita where I will be for the next month to help work at the Pumpkin Patch! I was born in Grand Junction and we lived at Moon Farm when I was a baby so it’s exciting to get sometime to explore my native land.

I can’t wait to update you on all of the Moon Farm Pumpkin Patch shenanigans!







Twenty-five and feelin’ alive


& here we are….alive at 25!

I have been looking forward to 25 for as long as I can remember and I don’t have a reason as to why. I always knew great and big things would happen at 25, so I’m feeling pretty good today. 

I have been seriously blessed this past year and have gone through so much personal growth! I explored more places in one year than I thought possible. Mexico, Palm Springs, San Fransisco, Seattle, Western Wyoming, Eastern to Western Idaho, and Western to Eastern Oregon! I also started working toward my Master’s degree in Creativity Studies and have a new direction of my future career goals. 24 treated me so well that I’m looking forward to seeing where 25 leads me.

Birthday reflections are so important to me. We always have goals, but do we ever take time to think and reflect about who we are as a person, what we have achieved so far and how we have grown? Here are some things that have made me grow since my last birthday reflection.


This is by far the greatest thing that has happened to me. Wow, it feels so good and something I never hope to lose. I strive everyday to be a better person and have become okay with my imperfections. Hating yourself and your body is the most damage you can do to your mind and soul.

Being alone is totally cool

People often feel bad when I do things alone. To be honest, I love to do things alone. Traveling, day trips, going to movies, reading in the park. Sometimes I just love to have a day to myself to do what I want and on my own time. You learn so much about yourself when you are alone! I encourage everyone to take themselves out on a date!

Accepting my alcohol anxiety

Secret is out, I used to have terrible anxiety around alcohol. This year I officially found acceptance to my problem and have tried to overcome it. I have become much more calm around alcohol and actually drink a little myself on the rare occasion. Although you won’t see me taking shots for along time, I would love to join you for coffee and baileys anytime!

Your mind is just as important as your body

Go and learn something new, read a book, take a walk. Your mind muscles should be just as strong as your biceps. Between school, reading more books and taking time for my mind through peace and meditation my mind is more observant.

Feeling healthy is so important

I have never felt healthier than this year. I have found a great balance in my diet, take daily vitamins, drink plenty of water, practice yoga and meditation and also get some sleep! The idea of “Working hard and sleeping when you die” is extremely overrated. Self care is crucial, friends!

Broken hearts have nothing on me 

This year I have fallen in love and out of love. I was in a relationship and broke it off, simply because I know my worth. I have ZERO patience, time and energy to be treated with disrespect. Being single is much better than being in the wrong relationship. I no longer accept changing myself or my body just for someone else’s desires. This is why it’s important to fully be yourself before you get serious with someone else. I would love to find my soulmate and be married in the near future. However, I do not settle and I’m okay with waiting.


Keeping an open mind to changes

My life is always changing! Even though somethings don’t happen how they are supposed to, I know there is always something new around the corner. It keeps life so interesting and exciting. Sometimes things just do not work out, big deal. Just go with the flow and let life lead the way.



Thanks to my good friend, Indigo for snapping some fun photos for me!

Stay Sunny!


Travel moments I still think about


I cannot believe that I have been home for a month after my month long trip! There are still moments and places that I still think about that I have yet to share on the blog.

Okay, Jackson Hole is really cute. I loved all of the galleries and shops. I’m definitely an art gallery gal. However, the most important thing I want to talk about from Jackson Hole is this ice cream. It was lemon honey and probably the best ice cream I’ve had. It was both refreshing and sweet.


The drive from Jackson Hole to the Granite Hot Springs in Wyoming might have been some of the best miles down the road throughout my entire trip. I swear it was all so heavenly. Mountains, wildflowers and the bluest river water I have ever seen! I’ve never been to a hot spring before but I was definitely spoiled with Granite. I also saw a rubber snake…a real rubber snake! Rubber snakes look big worms and I wanted to take him home with me.


My friend Jason and I took a little trip to Brookings, Oregon which is apart of the coast I have never been to. What I love about the Oregon coast is you get the beauty of the ocean yet you can be cozy in a light jacket. It all reminds me of autumn without the leaves.

While we were having lunch in Brookings there were hundreds of seagulls…hundreds I’m telling you! These seagulls were flying around the marina and we overheard one of the waitresses say she has never seen that happen before.

I had my first nap during my trip at the coast house and that is definitely something to take note of because I seriously needed it and I believe there are no better naps than Oregon coast naps. That evening we headed to the beach to watch the sunset. I rarely watch sunsets but it was definitely one to remember. Not only was a it a great view on top of the rock we climbed but we also had some good belly laughs while people watching.



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Stay Sunny!


Walk with fear

During my travels I have been listening to many audiobooks. You may have heard of the award winning Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.  Gilbert also has an incredible book, Big Magic, which is all about creativity and creative living. There is a part of her book which I found most inspiriting, the difference between being fearless and being courageous.

When I tell others about my driving and traveling around they always seem in a bit of a shock that I am driving around by myself to all of these places which always leads them to ask “That doesn’t scare you?” and when I tell them that enjoy traveling by myself they follow up with the famous “Wow, you are fearless!”

Here’s the real truth behind all of this…I’m not the type of person to just wait for someone to hop in the car with me. I don’t believe I should wait for great opportunities just because I don’t have a friend or significant other to join me in the passenger seat of my car. I leave at sunrise and if you’re not there, you’re not going. This has nothing to do with being fearless but more so of being selfish with a great amount of wanderlust and motivation.

That being said, I have many fears when it comes to traveling. I understand all of the possibilities of what could happen while traveling. I watch the news, I read articles, I know and understand all of the terror. I have had my scary calls and have shed a few tears. I am not fearless.

I had the crazy opportunity at Tumalo Falls, a few miles from Bend, Oregon. My good friend Dustin is always talking me into crazy adventures. With the motivation of Dustin I did something I would have never dared to do. I jumped the wall at the top of Tumalo Falls to get as close as possible to the edge and take photos of the water rushing and crashing down, 90 feet below. This was not me being fearless, I was still scared shitless, I was allowing fear to walk by my side.

You do not need to be fearless to be courageous. When you are courageous you are allowing fear to walk by your side. Do not be fearless, when you are fearless you simply have no emotions. Creative and courageous individuals thrive on emotions. Be courageous and gladly walk hand in hand with fear itself. Let fear motivate you to see more, do more, and be the best you can be.



To the top of Targhee


There’s me, happy and alive at about 7,000 ft. elevation and almost but not quite at the top of our destination. Happy to sit down and let my lungs take in some air.

Grand Targhee Resort is located in Alta, Wyoming. A hop, skip and a jump from Eastern Idaho. My friends asked if I wanted to take a hike up Targhee Ski Resort where you can see a great view of the Tetons from the top. The hike was 3.5 miles which seemed easy enough to me since I’ve been on many hikes before, hikes much longer than this. However, I did not put into consideration that it was up hill and the elevation level was 5,000 more feet than my lungs are normally used to.

Every mile I thought “Almost there!” NOPE.

“Almost there!” KEEP DREAMING

“Almost there!” PASSING OUT YET?

We finally reached the top of the mountain and it was definitely rewarding. The type of rewarding when you accomplish difficult things. The type of rewarding that makes you shout “F*CK YEAH!” & then there was a beautiful view at the top of the Tetons. It was fabulous.

Once you reach the top of the mountain you can get a free lift down. Well, once we got to the top of our destination a storm was coming! They said they wouldn’t move the ski lift until the thunder had stopped and once they heard it rumble again the timing starts over at another 30 minutes.

Imagine, on top of this mountain surrounded by trees wondering if your death was a approaching due to a lightening strike. Dramatic Mariah being extra dramatic. This is when you decide “Screw it. We gotta get off this mountain!” So we booked it down the mountain. Once we got down it started pouring and hailing. Perfect time to sit and edit photos with some hot apple cider as you watch the sky falling outside the window.

Aside from my near death experience the hike was seriously so gorgeous! I loved that one side of the mountain looked like summer with wild flowers and the other side looked  like winter with snow. So many textures, colors and variety of scenery!



Wildflowers and Mountain Air

This post about Eastern Idaho is going to be short and sweet because I really can’t come up with all the wonderful words that can explain my time there.

There’s something particularly wonderful about waking up in the morning to sunlight and having fresh coffee along with the mountain air. During my time in Tetonia we spent many mornings on the patio with a breakfast full of fresh sautéed greens and coffee. We sat next to the river stream with a bag of cherries and good conversations. We meditated and ran nude in the wildflowers.

During my time in Tetonia, Idaho my mind was set free a little more and reminded me to breathe a little deeper, stop to smell the flowers, and that I definitely need trips up to the mountains more often.




Moments in black & white

Currently, I am on a month long trip between Eastern Idaho & Western Oregon.

During this trip I have not only been able to experience beautiful places but most importantly connect with friends that inspire me. I often find myself in a rut of guilt when I’m not always updating others on social media, keeping up with Instagram posts and a camera around my neck while traveling. Although I have had my camera with me most of the time and taking photographs, I do not take near as many as I used to in the past and especially while traveling. I have been trying my hardest to take in moments rather than capture them all. Feed my soul with memories and experiences that don’t necessarily need to be recorded onto a memory card and stored into my hard drive. I have been inspired with not only what’s been around me but the connections and conversations I have had with friends who inspire me with new light and ideas.

I have seen waterfalls and rainbows that have been unphotographed because I simply want to take it in for myself, selfishly, without sharing it with others.

I got to a point in my life where I was shooting much less because I was honestly getting bored of what I was photographing & needed a new boost of inspiration. I started to get sad and anxious about it not because I thought I was losing my passion but because others were noticing and questioning my passion for photography. However, stepping back from the camera has helped me tremendously. Now that I have spent sometime traveling without my camera always around my neck I have found some new light and have built some new concepts which I’m excited to experiment with.

Black and white images have stepped into my life recently with a newer meaning than they have before. I used to focus on black and white just as a artistic element to my photographs. Today I have found that black and white really enhances the moments rather than the colors. We always look at how beautiful the colors are in art and images but take little time to appreciate the light, texture and details of objects. Here are a few black and white details of my trip.

Photograph taken of me by my friend Jayde Silbernagel for our personal photography project of running wild, free and nude along the wildflowers in Tetonia, Idaho.
Owls at Tracy Aviary in Salt Lake City, Utah
I ate this wildflower in Tetonia.


At the top of our mountain hike watching the storm quickly approaching us.



Seattle, Washington

I had a really great experience this past weekend. I was flown to Seattle, Washington where I took maternity and engagement photos for a friend who I’ve known since we were knee high to a grasshopper. The photos we took are gorgeous! They are so loving toward to each other and so excited about their future together and with the baby. I loved to capture their happiness! Here are a couple of black and white details.


I was only there for a short time but I was able to experience some scenery of Seattle, Pikes Place and some of Fisherman’s Warf. Pikes Place was really a treat! I love anywhere that looks a little grungy, has an array of foods, and cute shops to look inside!

Here are some bits of my trip!

It was sunny while I was in Seattle. SUNNY IN SEATTLE.

  • The Needle is much smaller than I imagined it to be.
  • It was Pride in Seattle so there were rainbows everywhere. You can’t be sad being surrounded by love and rainbows!
  • I got to enjoy watching a famous Pikes Fish Market fish toss! I watched a documentary about this in school and was so happy I got to see it myself.
  • For lunch at Pikes Place I ate a small bag chicken gizzards, hearts and liver. SO GOOD. Except I didn’t fancy the liver as much. Give me all the hearts though.
  • Let’s talk about the organic blackberry apple cider, too. Oh lord!
  • I definitely fancied the fresh flower markets all along the market!
  • We passed the first Starbucks but the line was just far too big to go inside, I did enjoy that they kept the old logo and everything though!
  • Instead of enjoying Starbucks I went for a local coffee shop next to the Gum Wall called Ghost Alley Espresso which was an adorable hole in the wall. I got vanilla cinnamon something somewhat or another latte. That’s not really what it’s called, I just forgot, oops. BUT it was sooo good. Super creamy and wonderful!
  • I purchased $14 worth of Salt Water Taffy on Fisherman’s Warf & a souvenir shirt that has yellow on it to remember my time in Seattle, while it was sunny.





Well, this about wraps up my short time in Seattle and I cannot wait to go back and explore more, except next time I’ll have to purchase cute rain boots and a stylish umbrella.  I might even make a big trip from Seattle to Canada! Train ride anyone?