Here’s why the scale is a piece of shit.

Right now, I weigh the most on the scale that I have weighed in my life. 

My 5′ 3″ body is currently 165. My “normal” is 150 and my thinnest? 129. Right now, I also believe I’m the healthiest I have been in a long time and it’s taken me until recently to recognize that.

I used to struggle with terrible anxiety and would constantly feel sick, nauseas and tired and it’s until recently that my anxiety has been getting much better then it was in the past and I can feel it throughout my entire body. When I weighed 129 I had an ulcer which part of the cause of my rapid weight loss during college. I lost 31 pounds. Everyone kept saying “Wow, you look so good!” which is what we associate with when people lose weight regardless of the fact that I looked sick, tired and stressed to my bones.

Recently I’ve been eating very well. I can’t even eat greasy foods anymore without getting sick and I don’t consume sweets nearly as much as I used to. I have also been hitting the gym regularly and keeping up with my yoga practice.

I keep stepping on the scale though and wondering “HOW?” & end up getting incredibly frustrated and upset. One day I finally texted my good friend who is fitness instructor and told him about my frustration and he himself said that I’m gaining muscle, the scale is full of lies and to be patient with myself and my body.

The other evening I went into the gym and told myself to run 3 miles because that was the last goal I accomplished. I hit 3 miles and told myself “Okay you’re going to do 4 miles now” which was quite the stretch because I’ve never ran that much in my life and once I got to 4 miles I somehow got a burst of energy and ended up reaching 5 miles! I was honestly shocked and so happy I started to cry. I literally got emotional over this. All of the frustration on the scale didn’t even matter anymore because I was thrilled that I could push my body that far and completely blessed that my body feels strong and healthy!

The singer P!NK actually posted on her Instagram about the same problem who is 5’3″ and 160lbs. She stated that according “regular standards” that is obese. I AM OBESE. I stand with P!NK, “dammit I don’t feel obese. The only thing I’m feeling is myself” (P!NK)

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Here are the important questions to ask yourself….Am I nourishing my body with the foods it needs? Is my body getting enough exercise and fresh air? Is my mind sharp? Do I feel healthy and confident?

Bodies are so different and your 140 could be different from someone else’s 140. Your body could be a size 10 but someone who weighs the same as you could be a size 7.

We shouldn’t experience happiness by the number it tells us on the scale but by how our bodies and spirits feel!

You are beautiful, you are strong and you are so much more than a number. 



Girl talk, period.

I have been a little hesitant to create this post but talked myself into it because being a woman has its challenges and we have to stick together! I have also made the decision to start creating more personal posts about womanhood called “Girl Talk” which includes confidence, health and beauty, fashion, career and success, friendships, and of course relationships.

Let’s talk about P E R I O D S

Most recently I have had the worst visits from mother nature and have felt like nothing but a sack of potatoes. Let’s talk about crying emotions, sweet cravings, and cramps from satan himself.


Who has time to deal with this mess once a month? I know I don’t! I have too many things to accomplish rather than sit on the coach in pain and cry. After this round of my monthly visit I decided to make some changes to my routine to help me out!

Watch what you eat: This is the absolute worst and something I’m terrible at this time of month. The other evening I went to grab a small blizzard filled with cookies, brownies and caramel when I should have satisfied my sweet tooth craving with some sugar free frozen yogurt filled with fruit instead. Today I have been doing much better by eating an Acai bowl for lunch and quinoa, chicken, mushrooms, and spinach mixed together for dinner. Make sure to stay hydrated and add more fiber to your meals!

Yoga: What? You’re telling me that I need to get out and move my body when all I want to do is sleep? Yes! I wouldn’t say you should hop on that treadmill and work but a terrible sweat while you’re in pain but a great yoga flow and stretches will help your cramps. Create your own yoga flow of upward facing dog, downward facing dog, cobra, camel and fish pose.

Take a hot bath: After you did so well at yoga treat yourself to a hot bath and include some bath goodies like bubbles or bath bombs. A great excuse to go visit LUSH Cosmetics! If you don’t have a LUSH Cosmetics near you Bath and Body works has finally come out with a line of Bath Fizzes! (I honestly can’t say they are even half as good as LUSH, but they tried.)

Tea time: You’re really supposed to reduce your caffeine intake while on your period so go for some herbal tea and snuggle up with a book. Spearmint tea will help your bloating!

Invest in some cute bralettes: I live by bralettes but that’s also easy for me to say because I am already small chested. Breast tenderness can happen so why not let go of the wire and feel a little more loose? You can also layer bralettes with loose t-shirts which is not only super comfortable but also looks totally cute and sexy!

Watch an emotional film: When I’m PMSing, I don’t get an attitude but more emotional than I already am. If you’re also like this then relax with an emotional movie, it will help get your crying emotions out without taking them out on someone else. 

Get some extra sleep: So you can conquer your day tomorrow!


Stay Sunny!

Opening Our Minds To Creativity.

Creativity is often and unfortunately pushed to the side as something that is not the most important skill to have in our daily lives, education, and careers. Creativity has become the green beans of the Thanksgiving meal when it should be seen as the turkey (or, the cherry pie) However, creativity is much more than playing with colors and crayons. Creativity is the motivation to innovation! Creativity helps us question, solve problems, and create. If there was no creativity in our lives we would still be living in the Stone Age.

Creativity is a vital skill to have on your resume and for good reason. Creativity is not only an important skill for employees but also enhances the environment you are working in. A creative environment for employees has become a foundation for successful companies today such as Pixar, Apple, Google, and Zappos.

Creativity is not only important in our careers and professional lives but our daily lives as well. Creativity makes life exciting and fulfilling!

Back to the idea of playing with colors and crayons.

Have you sat down recently with a handful of crayons just to scribble or doodle? I literally mean scribble. If you answered “no” I challenge you to take 10 minutes to do so and see what thoughts, questions, and ideas come up in your head.

“Creativity is experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun”
– Mary Lou Cook

“But I’m not a creative person!” you say. Did you know that creativity is something that is not just a natural-born trait passed down by our DNA but a trait that we can actually learn, build, and grow?

One of the best ways to help build your creativity is to open your mind and spirit to the world that is out of your normal comfort zone and environment. If you allow yourself to be stuck in one environment you will not have the room to grow your mind and gather new thoughts and ideas from other people, environments, cultures, or even religions.

My challenge to you is to try something new. Go somewhere new. Talk to someone new. Cook something new. Step out of your daily environment and routine. You might find a new passion or discover a new talent. You might come up with a groundbreaking idea and become a millionaire in the near future.

You might fall, you might fail, you might not even enjoy the outcome. Let me say this loud for everyone to hear in the back. FAILING IS OKAY. We are meant to fail and fall because this is how we broaden and grow our mind, thoughts, and nurture our creativity.

You CAN be creative!


The Parade of Homes | Part Two | Color, Detail, and Minimalism.

I love color in home decor and think this year I saw the best color schemes throughout the homes. A popular color throughout the homes were GOLD. If you know me you know I love bright colors paired up with gold so I was nearly drooling throughout most of these homes. Even if it wasn’t paired with bright colors it was usually paired with a neutral colors which is always gorgeous. Can we please admire this gold, gray, and pink office space? Yummy!


The decor style of the homes this year at The Parade of Homes was fairly consistent with the sleek, modern, and simplistic style. Many of the homes were borderline minimalist but also had a fair share of knickknacks. I love the minimalist look for one main reason, it helps clear your mind! This might be the Virgo in me speaking but I love open, organized, and clean spaces. However, if you’re like me while browsing around your favorite home store, you probably find that one knickknack item that you somehow cannot live without. The Parade of Homes inspired me of ways to enjoy a minimalist style but also have the ability to display knickknacks without the clutter. This could simply be shelves dedicated to knickknacks or organizing them on your coffee or end tables, layering them onto books. Bookshelves are always a great way to display your items without the extra clutter, adds a little design to your book collection! This is very helpful for me because I have an obsession with my art and photography books!






Stay Sunny!



The Parade of Homes | Luxury & Environment.

I like to think that I’m fairly low maintenance and then I attend The Parade of Homes in my hometown of St. George, Utah and I quickly realize that I have a little more of an expensive taste then I’d like to admit and that I’m going to need to marry rich.

I haven’t attended The Parade of Homes for years and was very excited that I was in town to do so this year. Although I was not able to attend all of them I do believe I was able to see some great homes and get a feel as to what’s popular this year. I did notice this year was a little different from the past. I used to remember huge homes that were priced at 2 million- 6 million dollars but this year the homes were much smaller and I believe the most expensive home was a little under 2 million. This was actually really great because it seemed a little more realistic as to what I can put into my future home someday.


Decor is not the only thing that I swoon over in homes but also the environment! As a grown Southern Utah desert rat I am obsessed with my red desert rocks and believe it is one of the most beautiful environments you can surround yourself in. The Georgia O’Keeffe in me finds great inspiration with colorful desert land. Kayenta homes always fulfill my love of colorful desertscapes.

The importance of sunlight in my life is huge and is what brings me great motivation. I am a huge fan of large window spaces that pour in sunlight and a detail I know I will need in my future home someday. An office and creative space filled with sunlight would be an amazing working environment.


Obviously, we need a selfie.


Here are some luxurious spaces that are worth mentioning.

  1. This home was bought and decorated by a lover of someone who hunts, can you tell? This is a space that no vegetarian wants to walk into, it even made me feel a little uncomfortable. Do you see the hippopotamus? I’m not exactly sure how I’d feel about living in a wildlife museum but it was still interested to see.
  2. This meditation room, probably something that everyone should learn to apply into their busy lives. You can even move the pillows off the floor and make it into a small dance studio. Again, the window space is great.
  3. With my love of red rocks, large windows, and baths….just bring me a coffee with baileys and leave me to my heavenly peace.
  4. Kids are not on my mind for quite sometime but how can you not go crazy of this kid’s bedroom?! This space is actually made for an army of children but that teepee! These kids have it made.
  5. I’m not really a pool person but this pool space makes my heart sing and actually makes me reconsider myself as a pool person. THAT VIEW, THOUGH.
  6. This nearly all white home made you feel the need to wash your hands every few minutes but it was so beautiful! Makes you feel so fresh, clean, and new!
  7. This sitting/reading space in front of that view, yes please! Pass me my favorite book and I’ll be set for days. Although I would like to switch out that chair with a floor of cushions!








Stay sunny!








Mexican food-hopping with Dad.

There’s something that my Step-Dad and I have a lot in common and that’s our love of food! He’s also a really great cook and has taught me a lot about cooking since him and my Mom have been together. Since I leave in a few days he decided to take me out for a daddy daughter day date to go shopping and out to eat but let’s be honest, our day was planned around what we were going to eat and where. I love eating out in Mexico because it’s a little bit here…a little bit there! We first hit up the dulceria where we spent a hand full of time looking at different Mexican candy and getting bags full for me to take home. I got 2 bags full for only $10! I think a “Mexican candy haul” blog will soon be on the way! There’s this cute little orange taco truck that I’ve been eyeballing for awhile and we decided to give it a go! They were actually taquitos though and not tacos which was cool because it was something new to try. The taquitos are definitely not what you find in the frozen section of your local grocery story. They double up the tortillas and grill them with red chili sauce. This made them very messy but extremely delicious! Halfway through our shopping we stopped at a little quiet place that sold tortas which are basically sandwiches, but obviously better because it’s Mexico. We ordered one pork and one steak and although the steak was good I think pork was a winner for us! Afterward we stopped at our favorite ice cream shop because what’s a day out without ice cream involved? I had my favorite cookies y crema. As you can imagine, my stomach was very full by the end of the day but it was incredibly worth it! A solid day for the books!


Stay Sunny!


Plans change and that’s okay.

I’m sorry I’ve been away. My mind has been on a lot as of lately because of changes that are happening a little sooner then I expected them to and also plans I didn’t expect to happen in the first place.

January 20, 2017_3.JPG

My original plan was to stay in Mexico until April and move somewhere new afterward. California and New Mexico were both big possibilities or just go straight to Denver. Going back to Utah was not part of my plan.

I had to make the responsible decision to go home and start working again so I can not only save up for my next big move but to also feed more of my wanderlust. I need to take this time now while I’m doing school full-time online to be where it’s convenient for me to work and save money so I can travel as much as possible because I know once I settle down in a expensive city that opportunity to travel around will be much more difficult. Denver is still in my heart and soul but I’m also not holding my breath because I am blessed enough to lead a life that’s open to new possibilities and opportunities! Who knows, I might even get married in the near future. I decided to go for my masters online because it does give me great flexibility to travel and I am planning on visiting a new place at least once a month if that’s alone or with a friend. (Here is my open invitation to adventure buddies!)

It always sounds so degrading when you tell others “I’m going back home.” Why has that become a sign of failure? Sometimes in life you have to do things that will help you in life in the long run because life’s success really is a long run. I am very guilty when it comes to what other people think about me and my life. I often feel the need to impress or explain and here’s the thing…I’m done. This is my life, my path, and the pages of my story. I have to remind myself that there is no failure in what I’m doing at all and I’m just still on the road to where I need to be and on a great path to where I’m going. I’m 24, single, and still have a gypsy spirit that I’m not ready to let go of quite yet.

January 20, 2017_5.JPG

I have enjoyed my time in San Felipe greatly and sad to see my time has come to leave so quickly and much sooner then planned. I have had many incredible experiences, explored new land, and learned how to slow down a little bit and enjoy life’s little moments.  I love my San Felipe family and looking forward to coming back for many visits in the future!

A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

Stay Sunny!



Vision Board

Happiest 2017 to you!

Every year I wonder and ponder if I should share my New Year’s resolutions. Will I actually stick to them? Is anyone listening anyway? I was having the worst time writing a post about my resolutions and then became inspired by the idea of a vision board! Some people think that vision boards are bogus but there’s a lot of great research showing that they actually work! Plus, hey…it’s a fun and inspirational project!

What is a vision board? This is a board and collage made up with images, words, and quotes that inspire you to reach for your everyday or future goals. It’s a tool that will help one of the powerful mind exercises you can do…visualization! The Law of Attraction, people! If you see yourself in that place, time, and life everyday then that will become your life one day. The Law of Attraction is something I really believe in and wish I would apply it more into my life so I thought this would be a good step toward that!

I’m sure I will soon make a vision board of photos and printed quotes but I was feeling very inspired to create a piece of artwork the time and knew it would be a good step to get my mind on track of focusing!

The supplies you need for your project are a canvas, paint colors of your choice, printed out words and/or pictures, scissors, and modge podge. Also other creative supplies you would like to add…this is your vision! I of course chose some glitter.


About my piece. I wanted my piece to represent a sun because sunlight brings me the most motivation and happiness. For my color choice I went with yellow and champagne gold. These colors really inspire me because they remind me of light and success.

The painting itself turned out much different then I first imagined it to be. Instead of shooting straight lines from the middle circle like a normal sun painting I decided to play with paint in a circular motion which created an orbit look in the galaxy to me! This actually makes sense and speaks a little more to the concept of my piece.

While my paint was drying I went into Photoshop to type up some words that are inspiring me. I used various sizes too based on what I want more focus on. I typed up and printed out some words in the font Traveling Typewriter…such a fun font that you can download here.

Once my paint was finished drying I cut out my words and scattered them around my piece and modge podged them into place. In the middle of my “sun orbit” I have placed a quote that says “Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire

There are some words on my canvas that I would like to share with you.

Denver, Colorado….this is because my biggest goal this year is to move back to Denver! I fell in love with Denver while I was there for college and it became my own home. I have the greatest friendships there and know I could do really well there with my photography and artwork!

Education…I am starting my Master’s degree right now in Creativity Studies and I’m also doing it full time online so that is a huge focus for me the next year!

$$$$$ and Success…I really want to focus on making and saving money this year! Between traveling and making a move to a big city… I’m going to need it!

I have also added some other words that inspire me such as ambition, positivity, independence, kindness, and pamper (because as girl’s gotta treat herself)

This year I’m planning on working a lot and working hard! I love to see my daily planner filled with productivity. Between school, working, and my blog…it’s going to be a packed year of great opportunities  and success!



Holiday memories and recovery

This year Christmas was a little different for me in Mexico…I am so used to a very relaxed holiday season at home with just the family. Here in Mexico it was all about the gatherings and fiestas with friends. It’s so amazing though to have good friends that become your family!

Here’s a little wrap up of some holiday memories that I didn’t share on my blog. We had crafts and cocktails, I made a cute little wood sign. There was an ugly sweater party and I made an Elf sweater. There was an abandoned kitty that I fell in love with, although we couldn’t keep him, she went to a good home where I can go visit her! There was an employee party for Parrots Cracker and Sunny Beaches which I think was the highlight for me, I was around some of the greatest people I know and love, there was amazing food,  we had an incredible Mexican band, and there was so much love in the room! I wish I would have taken more pictures but I was enjoying the moments too much!

Christmas Eve we had some friends over and we made tamales, a Mexican tradition! They are so much fun to make and of course so delicious…I am still munching on them throughout our day. That evening my parents and I lounged around with The Christmas Story on television and played some really fun games together! Christmas day we woke up to open some gifts. I received some very lovely gifts this year and adore them all!  We then headed over to a Christmas brunch with some more friends and loved ones. So many carbs, too much eggnog…but it was all totally worth it.

I decided to give myself a recovery day yesterday from all of the hustle and bustle. Some siestas after all the fiestas. In the morning we had some recovery facials with a few ladies that my Mom put together with some Mary Kay facial goods. The rest of the day I just relaxed on my bed with some hot chocolate and a good book (yes, I am still working on the same book.) I also decided to keep my makeup off all day and give my skin a rest since I tend to wear a lot more makeup during the holidays.

I finally got to use a Lush Cosmetics product that I picked up while I was in California. I was so excited for the holiday collection and it was difficult to not spend my money on all of it! I decided to try The Magic of Christmas bubble bar. It was just so beautiful… The glitter, the cinnamon stick, the jingle bell… just so lovely. It is a very warming and fresh scent of cinnamon, cloves, and oranges which I’m all about this holiday season.

I ended the evening with a nice facemask, a little pedicure, and Happy New Year Charlie Brown. Now it’s time to get ready for The New Year! What was the highlight of your holidays?