Mexican food-hopping with Dad.

There’s something that my Step-Dad and I have a lot in common and that’s our love of food! He’s also a really great cook and has taught me a lot about cooking since him and my Mom have been together. Since I leave in a few days he decided to take me out for a daddy daughter day date to go shopping and out to eat but let’s be honest, our day was planned around what we were going to eat and where. I love eating out in Mexico because it’s a little bit here…a little bit there! We first hit up the dulceria where we spent a hand full of time looking at different Mexican candy and getting bags full for me to take home. I got 2 bags full for only $10! I think a “Mexican candy haul” blog will soon be on the way! There’s this cute little orange taco truck that I’ve been eyeballing for awhile and we decided to give it a go! They were actually taquitos though and not tacos which was cool because it was something new to try. The taquitos are definitely not what you find in the frozen section of your local grocery story. They double up the tortillas and grill them with red chili sauce. This made them very messy but extremely delicious! Halfway through our shopping we stopped at a little quiet place that sold tortas which are basically sandwiches, but obviously better because it’s Mexico. We ordered one pork and one steak and although the steak was good I think pork was a winner for us! Afterward we stopped at our favorite ice cream shop because what’s a day out without ice cream involved? I had my favorite cookies y crema. As you can imagine, my stomach was very full by the end of the day but it was incredibly worth it! A solid day for the books!


Stay Sunny!


Cozy winter drink and a lazy day.

Today has been cloudy and we are expected to have rain this evening, wouldn’t that be exciting for Mexico? It’s one of those Holiday days where you just want to snuggle up with a blanket, a warm drink, and a good book.

Today I made a warm winter drink that you would love if you’re a fan of hot apple cider! You steam together pineapple juice, cranberry juice, cinnamon, cloves, and orange slices. It’s refreshing and soothing all at once! At the store we also stopped by the bakery section for some yummy donas and coconut macaroons. I love anything with crema! It went very well with my warm drink!

I’ve also been on the hunt for a good Christmas book and found one I’ve been enjoying quite nicely. It’s called The Twelve Days of Dash and Lily. It is a really great and light read to hop into Christmas! Now to finish the evening with soup and Christmas films with the family!

What do you like to do on your lazy winter days?




Easy Peppermint Chocolates

I love peppermint everything and what’s even better is peppermint with chocolates. I wanted to create a really easy and quick treat. These bad boys are so easy that you can make them in about 30 minutes! Perfect for a very last minute treat for your holiday events.

You will need

  • A silicone mold. There are so many adorable silicon molds anymore and you can really be creative with this. Mine are flowers which remind me of poinsettias! I’m sure there’s a wide selection of Christmas themed molds now though.
  • 1 or 2 cups chocolate. This depends on how deep or big your trays are. If you fancy white chocolate that would work very well with this too!
  • A handful of peppermints

How to

  1. Melt your chocolate. After it was melted I put mine on a ziplock bag and cut off the very corner, this helped me get into the small corners of my flower petals. You only need to fill your tray half way right now.  It actually helped to dollop some chocolate in the middle and spread it around with a toothpick. After you have covered the bottom part of your tray place it in the freezer for about 10 minutes or until solid.
  2. While your chocolate is in the freezer you will need to crush your peppermints. You can do this by hand or with a food processor. If you use a food processor be prepared for the amazing scent of peppermint to hit your face when you open the lid! I crushed mine just enough so there were a little bit of chunks.
  3. Remove your tray from the freezer and sprinkle a thin layer of your peppermints on top of the frozen chocolate. Afterward fill another layer of melted chocolate so your peppermints are placed between two layers of chocolate. You can either stop there or add another layer of peppermints as I did for extra peppermint goodness!
  4. Freeze until chocolate is solid and pop them out of the tray! That’s the awesome thing about silicone trays is they will just pop out!


You can either eat these on their own or toss them into some hot chocolate! If your trays are like mine and kind of deep these will be very rich! There’s other fillings you can do as well such as caramel, marshmallows, sprinkles…you can get very creative! Enjoy!



Kahlua Mexican Hot Chocolate

It’s cold in Mexico!

Although we won’t be having a snow day anytime soon it’s cold enough that most of us are wearing clothing that is not shorts and a tank top. Since I get cold very easily I’ve been wearing my good share of leggings, sweaters, and fuzzy socks….it’s in the 60’s, I’m well aware that I’m quite the wimp.

A warm treat here in Mexico is Mexican hot chocolate! What’s the different between hot chocolate and Mexican hot chocolate? Mexican hot chocolate has spices in it such as cinnamon and chili powder for that sweet and spicy goodness! It’s so easy you can make it yourself! Or better yet some places in the US sell the chocolate blocks…I used the brand Ibarra.

Anybody who really knows me on a personal level knows I don’t drink alcohol but I honesty love Kahlua…surprise! I thought I would try some in my Mexican hot chocolate and happy I did!

I use milk for my hot chocolate…always! If you are making a serving for yourself grab the mug you are wanting to use and fill it with milk about 3/4 and then add a shot of Kahlua. Pour it into a saucepan and keep stirring until it gets steamy and drop in your block of chocolate! Keep stirring until the chocolate is melted and immediately pour it into your mug.



Top it off with whipped cream and cajeta! Cajeta is caramel made with goats milk, vanilla, and cinnamon and so delicious!


This rich delicious drink will totally warm you up this holiday season!


The beautiful mug shown is by Ugly Mug Pottery…follow their blog here!




Festival del Camarón

I still feel like a shrimp after this past Saturday evening at the shrimp fest. The shrimp festival in San Felipe has booths of art, treats, and of course shrimp all the way down the Malecon. I told myself that I could eat whatever I wanted and as much as I wanted that day without feeling bad about myself in the end. My stomach was getting very full half way down the Malecon but I was staying strong for more.



This first stop had to have been my favorite. Combo plate of a coconut shrimp, mango and whiskey salsa, and cream of green pepper. The coconut shrimp from here was actually my favorite through the entire evening. I loved the cream sauce on top of it!


Right: Chocolate clams stuffed with the clam, shrimp, cheese, and other goods. You cannot forget the lime. Left: Shrimp and chips, battered and fried shrimp with some ranch as a dripping sauce.

Not only did I munch my way down the Malecon on shrimp but I also found someone who was selling horchata! I have been in search of horchata since I’ve been here but apparently it’s not as common as I thought it was or “out of season.” When I saw that he was selling it I literally squealed “Horchata!”  My heart was very happy.



Also…drumroll please….I ate a cricket! It was a little spontaneous. There was a lady selling small bags of them and I asked if she had a sample. It took me a little bit to get the courage to pop that sucker in my mouth. It was really humorous to see everyone watching me try to eat it, because they knew it was something very different for an American girl to do. It was extremely salty and the texture was a little grainy. It wasn’t terrible but I don’t think it will be my choice of snack.

Did I mention the candy carts and candy stand? I left with a bag full of goodies! A coconut macaroon, fudge, watermelon gummies covered with chili sauce, and cotton candy!


Time to go on a diet now!

The Wonder Seeker


Bake with me || Rainbow sprinkles.

Simple rainbow sprinkle sugar cookies.
Today was a rainy/sunny day which just so happens to be my favorite kind of day. It was also the perfect day to relax and bake. April showers bring May flowers. April showers also bring rainbows! Since I didn’t see any rainbows today though, I decided to put them into my cookies. Rainbow sprinkles are my favorite, if a treat is covered with sprinkles I go nuts. I’ve been obsessed with sprinkles since I was a little girl, throughout my entire life I would get a container of sprinkles and just eat them. That’s why I’m so damn sweet and colorful.
The first steps you must do for you baking adventure is to make a cup of tea, light a candle, and blast some groovy tones. This is really required for most things in life though. My tea of choice today was lemon hibiscus, My candle is Daffodil from Yankee Candle, & for my music I’ve been recently obsessed with The Chainsmokers and was perfect for my baking day…especially the songs Roses and Kanye.
I’m no baker. So here you find that I use a lot of the boxed mixes. Maybe someday soon I will do an actually full on baking blog. Today I found a mix though that really did have simple ingredients, just like the box advertises. I compared the ingredients from this mix to another Pillsbury sugar cookie mix and didn’t realize how many nasty chemicals were in the other mixes! I will never go back.
All you need for this mix is a stick of butter and one large egg. I always add a little extra vanilla too, I’m also obsessed with vanilla. Yummy! When you go to mix your cookies, it’s always best if you have an electric mixer. I’ve actually never purchased an electric mixer which was completely okay until I tired mixing cookie dough, cookie dough is much more difficult mix then cake batter. Oops!
Once I finally mixed the dough I added the sprinkles, yippie! When you are finished mixing all of the goods together then spoon them onto a baking pan and throw those puppies into the oven. WAIT! Don’t throw them ALL in the oven. You need some of that cookie dough fix too! 😉
I thought they looked really nice right out of the oven just how they were and tasting amazing. Just sweet enough! If you are into extra sweetness though let me introduce you to, in my opinion, THE best store bought frosting! It’s the Betty Crocker Whipped Frosting. I first discovered the whipped fluffy white a couple years ago when I made cupcakes for my friend’s surprise  birthday party. She actually really dislikes frosting but LOVED those cupcakes and that frosting.  It reminds me of my grandma’s homemade frosting! It’s not too sweet and has a really great fluffy and light texture. I cannot go back to any other brand, ever!
I hope you all enjoyed my blog and that it has inspired you to create something colorful and sweet!