DIY Santa Hat

Yesterday I decided to decorate a plain santa hat and since I can’t sew I thought this was a fun and easy way to work with fabric, for the cheaters like us. A nice little accessory to your next Ugly Sweater Christmas Party. I’ve been wanting to make something cute and festive from the super cute Mexican fabric here and thought this red would be perfect.

You will need

  • A cheap felt santa hat. They have a lot at the dollar store.
  • 2 pieces of 16×20″ fabric
  • Ribbon
  • Glue…I used hot glue but you might want to use fabric glue
  • Fabric Scissors


First you will want to unfold the bottom part of the hat, you will be gluing your fabric down there. My hat was about 14 inches high so I kept my fabric at 16″ high, you will want that fabric glued to the inside of your hat. Cut your first piece of fabric down the angle of your hat, leave maybe 1/2″  to 1″ edge. Once you have cut our your pieces you will want to take your glue and apply it to the sides of the hat, a little bit at a time so you can fold over the edges.

Repeat on the second side. This doesn’t have to be perfect because you are gluing your ribbon to the side seam edges.

Once you have glued your fabric of choice on your hat you can move onto the ribbon. I used that really festive sparkly ribbon. You will glue this over the side seams.


Last but not least fold back over the bottom and wear your cute new hat!




DIY Christmas Cards

I’ve always been a huge fan of making cards especially Christmas cards! I know how exciting it is to get cards in the mail so I like to share that joy with my loved ones! This is one of the main reasons why I’m obsessed with scrapbook paper. It takes me a lot to drag me out of the scrapbook paper section at the craft store, I’m so addicted to all of the amazing patterns! I wanted to share with you a few DIY Christmas cards that are super easy to make!


You will need

  • Blank card paper. I use brown craft paper because I love the rustic look to all of my cards. You could always just use heavier paper and fold it but premade blank card paper is so convenient if you’re an avid card maker.
  • Scrapbook paper. There’s a lot of really great small packs of holiday paper. You will want duel sided for one of the projects.
  • Large hole punch. Mine is a 1″ and I think it works really well for most projects.
  • 3D stickers
  • Glue
  • Scissors or a paper cutter
  • Ribbon
  • Thin black marker
  • Letter stamps


Hanging Ornaments Card || This first card you will need to punch out different patterned circles and apply them on your card surface with 3D stickers. Scatter them around because they will look like hanging ornaments. Once they are applied you will draw a line going from the top of the card to each ornament and then add little loops to look like tiny bows!


Christmas Tree Card || This tree card is where having duel sided paper will come in handy. Draw and cut out two larger sized triangles, these need to be the same size. Figure out which one you would like as the base and apply it to the card base with 3D stickers. Take your second triangle, fold it in half and apply the fold down the middle of your first triangle with glue. This will create a fun and easy three dimensional card! I had a gold glitter star in my Christmas crafts and applied that on top with 3D stickers


Christmas Wreath Card ||  Last but not least we have a cute and girly Christmas wreath…it of course doesn’t have to be girly though depending on the scrapbook paper patterns you use! You will want to choose three or more patterns to punch out. Once you have punched your patterns draw a circle on your card base as a guideline. Glue on some circles around the circle you drew, slightly overlap them for more dimension. Take your remaining circles and apply them on top with 3D stickers, this will add great dimension to your wreath! When you are finished glue a little bow on top.


After all of my cards were finished I stamped “Warm Wishes” at the bottom. Since I’m in Mexico I thought that would be a proper message for my cards. I actually use paint instead of ink which is a little more difficult to work with at first but I enjoy the look of it much better…and you can use any color! I went with a red paint to match all three cards.


What Christmas cards have you made this year? I’m also thinking about New Years cards to send out to family!


Easy DIY Pom Pom Ornaments

You cannot disagree with me that pom poms are just way too adorable and can be used for almost anything! They are actually pretty “in” this year!


We recently took a trip up to Mexicali where I found a mini tree to have in my room and some decorations. I decided to go with all gold because I just love solid gold but then someone brought to my attention that since I’m in Mexico I should add some color to it! I then remembered that I had a small pack of bright colored pom poms that would look perfect on my tree! I decided to take the pack of ornaments I already had and do something with them. The mini pack of ornaments came with solid gold or solid glitter…obviously I had kept the glitter ornaments to go with my cute pom poms.

All I did was take off the top from the old ornaments and hot glue them to my pom poms. Easy as that! I then used twine for my ribbon to give it a more rustic look. I’m still trying to figure out what to do with the ornaments that I didn’t use…that’s means a new DIY project!

You can probably do this by going to your local dollar store and purchase small or large ornaments to take the tops off of. This would be really cute with a bigger tree and use bigger pom poms! Oh my goodness…inspiration for my tree next year!


I adore my gold and colorful little tree!


DIY || Mexican Style Cactus Planter

A couple of weeks ago I bought an adorable succulent that was planted in a can for only 20 pesos, that’s only about $1 in US money. Although I loved the can it was in I decided it need a new little home. My Mom bought a drink that this mug came in at the Shrimp Fest and I thought it was so adorable, so obviously… I stole it.

I needed to get away from the negativity of the election so I figured it was the perfect day to stay in my room, blast music, and paint my way through it all.


My favorite style of Mexican planters have been the Terracotta clay pots with some design and color to them but not totally covering the gorgeous red and brown natural color of the pot either. Terracotta in Italian also means “baked earth” which makes me like it being simplest even more.

Materials you will need are a little planter pot…I suggest upcycling something like I did! A notepad and pencil to sketch out your design, acrylic paints, clear spray paint, and of course your little cactus plant.

I found a design that tickled my fancy and I went from there. This is the actual photo that I based my design off of.  I added a few different colors and a lot of dots and circles. Also, a few other things due to mess ups. I do not paint as much as I wish I did because to be quite honest painting is not my forte.



After I was finally happy with my painting I went out to go spray it with some clear spray paint. This helped give it a little umph of shine and it brightens and darkens the color as well. It didn’t take long for me to be able to plant my little succulent. I am very happy with my little project! He looks adorable in my room and now I’m debating on a name.


Stay Sunny!

The Wonder Seeker

DIY Desert Garden || Under $5

Holy Moly I’m so excited to share this project with you. I’ve been dreaming about a tiny cactus garden for a while. Not just any cactus garden but Southern Utah inspired. This included the red sand and rocks I found around my hikes. This project cost me less than $5! Depending on how big your bowl is and the cactus you purchase it could vary in price.
Here are the supplies you will need to purchase.
I found this glass bowl at Desert Industries (you can also go to goodwill) for 50 cents!
These little cacti and succulents were $1.50 at our local Star Nursery. Little cacti are pretty inexpensive wherever you go. Are you just in love with this pink moon cactus? I don’t know what I did in life to deserve a pink cactus in my life but here it is! I couldn’t get over the variety of colors to choose from. What a perfect pop of color.
The rest of the supplies I have gathered and found. I went to Dixie rock and picked up some of the red sand. You will have to find a nice sandy patch to gather your sand…you want nice sand and not dirt! These rocks I have gathered throughout various hikes I have taken. Lava rock and colorful red pebbles from Snow Canyon. I love the colorful rocks with lichen on them, so gorgeous and unique.
When you put this together be warned that you will get sand everywhere, this is defiantly something you’ll want to work on outside on the concrete so you can sweep up later.  When you are about to pour your sand in the bowl you’ll want to grab a small strainer. This will keep your sand super clean from rocks and other small debris you don’t want in your garden. You’ll want to place your cactus closer to the bottom before you dump all of your sand in your bowl, it makes it easier to move and place around.
Once you get all of your cacti placed and sand in you’ll want to move them around, place your rocks where you’d like and there you have it….a mini desert garden! Since these are low maintenance you can place this inside as well. I placed mine in my room because I recently designed my room to be a colorful boho style theme so it just looks amazing.


I hope I have inspired you to create a wonderful little desert garden for your summer decor!
The Wonder Seeker