Twenty-five and feelin’ alive


& here we are….alive at 25!

I have been looking forward to 25 for as long as I can remember and I don’t have a reason as to why. I always knew great and big things would happen at 25, so I’m feeling pretty good today. 

I have been seriously blessed this past year and have gone through so much personal growth! I explored more places in one year than I thought possible. Mexico, Palm Springs, San Fransisco, Seattle, Western Wyoming, Eastern to Western Idaho, and Western to Eastern Oregon! I also started working toward my Master’s degree in Creativity Studies and have a new direction of my future career goals. 24 treated me so well that I’m looking forward to seeing where 25 leads me.

Birthday reflections are so important to me. We always have goals, but do we ever take time to think and reflect about who we are as a person, what we have achieved so far and how we have grown? Here are some things that have made me grow since my last birthday reflection.


This is by far the greatest thing that has happened to me. Wow, it feels so good and something I never hope to lose. I strive everyday to be a better person and have become okay with my imperfections. Hating yourself and your body is the most damage you can do to your mind and soul.

Being alone is totally cool

People often feel bad when I do things alone. To be honest, I love to do things alone. Traveling, day trips, going to movies, reading in the park. Sometimes I just love to have a day to myself to do what I want and on my own time. You learn so much about yourself when you are alone! I encourage everyone to take themselves out on a date!

Accepting my alcohol anxiety

Secret is out, I used to have terrible anxiety around alcohol. This year I officially found acceptance to my problem and have tried to overcome it. I have become much more calm around alcohol and actually drink a little myself on the rare occasion. Although you won’t see me taking shots for along time, I would love to join you for coffee and baileys anytime!

Your mind is just as important as your body

Go and learn something new, read a book, take a walk. Your mind muscles should be just as strong as your biceps. Between school, reading more books and taking time for my mind through peace and meditation my mind is more observant.

Feeling healthy is so important

I have never felt healthier than this year. I have found a great balance in my diet, take daily vitamins, drink plenty of water, practice yoga and meditation and also get some sleep! The idea of “Working hard and sleeping when you die” is extremely overrated. Self care is crucial, friends!

Broken hearts have nothing on me 

This year I have fallen in love and out of love. I was in a relationship and broke it off, simply because I know my worth. I have ZERO patience, time and energy to be treated with disrespect. Being single is much better than being in the wrong relationship. I no longer accept changing myself or my body just for someone else’s desires. This is why it’s important to fully be yourself before you get serious with someone else. I would love to find my soulmate and be married in the near future. However, I do not settle and I’m okay with waiting.


Keeping an open mind to changes

My life is always changing! Even though somethings don’t happen how they are supposed to, I know there is always something new around the corner. It keeps life so interesting and exciting. Sometimes things just do not work out, big deal. Just go with the flow and let life lead the way.



Thanks to my good friend, Indigo for snapping some fun photos for me!

Stay Sunny!


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