Girl talk, period.

I have been a little hesitant to create this post but talked myself into it because being a woman has its challenges and we have to stick together! I have also made the decision to start creating more personal posts about womanhood called “Girl Talk” which includes confidence, health and beauty, fashion, career and success, friendships, and of course relationships.

Let’s talk about P E R I O D S

Most recently I have had the worst visits from mother nature and have felt like nothing but a sack of potatoes. Let’s talk about crying emotions, sweet cravings, and cramps from satan himself.


Who has time to deal with this mess once a month? I know I don’t! I have too many things to accomplish rather than sit on the coach in pain and cry. After this round of my monthly visit I decided to make some changes to my routine to help me out!

Watch what you eat: This is the absolute worst and something I’m terrible at this time of month. The other evening I went to grab a small blizzard filled with cookies, brownies and caramel when I should have satisfied my sweet tooth craving with some sugar free frozen yogurt filled with fruit instead. Today I have been doing much better by eating an Acai bowl for lunch and quinoa, chicken, mushrooms, and spinach mixed together for dinner. Make sure to stay hydrated and add more fiber to your meals!

Yoga: What? You’re telling me that I need to get out and move my body when all I want to do is sleep? Yes! I wouldn’t say you should hop on that treadmill and work but a terrible sweat while you’re in pain but a great yoga flow and stretches will help your cramps. Create your own yoga flow of upward facing dog, downward facing dog, cobra, camel and fish pose.

Take a hot bath: After you did so well at yoga treat yourself to a hot bath and include some bath goodies like bubbles or bath bombs. A great excuse to go visit LUSH Cosmetics! If you don’t have a LUSH Cosmetics near you Bath and Body works has finally come out with a line of Bath Fizzes! (I honestly can’t say they are even half as good as LUSH, but they tried.)

Tea time: You’re really supposed to reduce your caffeine intake while on your period so go for some herbal tea and snuggle up with a book. Spearmint tea will help your bloating!

Invest in some cute bralettes: I live by bralettes but that’s also easy for me to say because I am already small chested. Breast tenderness can happen so why not let go of the wire and feel a little more loose? You can also layer bralettes with loose t-shirts which is not only super comfortable but also looks totally cute and sexy!

Watch an emotional film: When I’m PMSing, I don’t get an attitude but more emotional than I already am. If you’re also like this then relax with an emotional movie, it will help get your crying emotions out without taking them out on someone else. 

Get some extra sleep: So you can conquer your day tomorrow!


Stay Sunny!

4 thoughts on “Girl talk, period.

  1. I have never understood why women are so embarrassed to talk about their periods. Every woman has them at some point. I have to say that since my hysterectomy last year I don’t miss them a bit! Although I still expect them. After a lifetime of irregular cycles I am still reluctant to wear light-colored pants just in case.

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