Las Vegas. Round two.

We made our way back to Las Vegas last weekend! We might as well move there at this rate.

  • We went to the Neon Museum and although we couldn’t see the larger part of the museum due to tours being sold out we still had the opportunity to go see the smaller part of the museum and it was super nifty!
  • We found some really great photo worthy graffiti.
  • Vegas breakfast buffets will always be the best because of the dessert table, donuts for days.
  • I walked out of Urban Outfitters with a little pink Holga Digital camera.
  • The Hershey factory at New York New York has little machines that spit out chocolate kisses and you can choose different flavors to put in a bag. Our bag was filled with carrot cake, almond, and candy cane. When the kisses are dispensed they make the cutest little “ding ding ding” noise too. We munched on them while playing Keno.
  • I lied in the last note. When I said “we” I really meant “I” and I ate all of them.
  • I won $13 playing Keno. Alex won $200. The lady next to me won $400.
  • I created the best burger at The Burger Bar. Brie cheese, mushrooms, and truffle sauce. num num num!

Vegas_March 13, 2017_2Vegas_March 13, 2017_3Vegas_March 13, 2017_5Vegas_March 13, 2017_12

Vegas_March 13, 2017_15Vegas_March 13, 2017_13Vegas_March 13, 2017_4.JPG

Stay Sunny!




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