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Since I’ve been in Mexico work has been a little slow, for October anyway. I’m a workaholic so this was a little strange for me, to live a slower lifestyle. I was starting to doubt what I was doing. Then I remembered to take a step back and think about things I have been doing and haven’t been doing. How can I improve what’s going on around me and make it better for my career? I often forget that I’ve only been here a couple of months and October was my exploring and getting settled in month. This month of November has been really great for me though and has kept me hopeful and thinking and creating new work and trying to build new opportunities! Sometimes you need that push to get it all starting and rolling.


The end of last month I was contacted by a gentleman who lives in Belgium and owns a Mexican food company. He was looking for a photographer in Mexico who also had previous printing experience. I was assigned to take images of taquerias, the food, and the people of this warm and inviting place. My first shoot didn’t go as planned so I has extremely nervous about the second one. Luckily, he loved it and sent me a photo yesterday of the finished banner for their trade shows. He said “It looks pretty damn good in person!”


I have been starting to make San Felipe Postcards too! I have been selling them in Sunny Beaches and also our Saturday Markets. The most popular is the Tampico ship! I recently ordered calendars too, I’m so excited for them to arrive!


Yesterday I was in an arts and craft show and I was so bummed because I wasn’t selling anything. I was about to pack up early and leave. At the last half hour though I sold a handful of postcards and my biggest and newest hoop art and a pendant! I’m so happy that I’ve been selling a few pendants too because they are so much fun to make. I’m in the process of creating Christmas crafts now!

I have also started a club…It’s called the San Felipe Camera Club! There have been a lot of people down here saying “I have this nice camera but I don’t know how to use it!” that’s when I decided I would start a camera club to help teach others about photography and their camera! I’ve had two classes so far and the word is starting to get out there!

Aside from photography and art I have also been pet sitting and babysitting! Who doesn’t love tending adorable animals and children?

I am thrilled for new opportunities and blessed for the people who have helped me along the way!







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  1. Gabriele Rogers says:

    Mariah, you are an incredible artist and please be patient, all will come together. I always love to see you and your beautiful smile.


  2. Jean Pyper says:

    You rock, Mariah – you are so full of positive energy, goodness and drive. Enjoy the siestas – take some time to dream, and keep on creating! Your stuff is amazing! (I love the one that says “PUT ON YOUR POSTIVE PANTS” – I’m going to go put on my positive pants right now.; I was feeling kind of bummed today and after I read your blog, I feel lifted. Good luck with the camera club and have fun!


    1. Jean,

      Thank you for your kind words! Sending you love and hugs!



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