Starting my book || The process

I’m doing what? I’m starting a book?
When I say I’m starting a book I don’t mean a novel, I unfortunately am not that brilliant at writing. Β I am however starting a photography series and creating it into coffee table book which I also hope I can exhibit as well, this is the ultimate goal anyway.
I remember in school and discussing what we wanted to do when we were in our class going into portfolio and a few of my classmates said “Yeah, you’re going to be the fine artist” & here I am 2 years later doing exactly what everyone predicted. As much as I have tried to do commercial work I definitively think that fine art and teaching is where I truly belong.
I thought I would blog about my process through the book with a little bit of sneaky peakys as well.
Shoot something that you’re really interested in
This is a personal project so no one can really tell you “no, that’s wrong.” If you photograph something that you’re really interested and invested in it will show through your work and your artist statement. Since I am still trying to find my way through this project I’ve just been shooting a lot, even things that I might may not work well. Sometimes I’m really surprised as to where this is heading.
Artist Statement
I’ve always thought that artist statements were extremely important when it came to a serious of work. These words are what show the world that what you’re doing is art and has a lot of meaning behind it. This has been my biggest problem so far is my artist statement. Although I know what concept I’m trying to go for it’s really difficult to put this into words. Sometimes I just have to keep shooting and keep writing to get this started. This is something I will not reveal until my book is out.
Something that has really helped with my inspiration about my book is listening to music that goes along with the theme of my concept. Music can help set your mind and mood in so many different ways. Indie rock music is definitely a great inspiration for me at this time. Mumford and Sons could never do me wrong.


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