Tomorrow is not promised.

It’s a really heavy thought to think and know that tomorrow is not promised. Recently I have truly learned that life is too short. The news has been overflowing with people who have suddenly lost their lives recently.
June 11, Singer Christina Grimmie was shot and killed at her concert around her family, friends, and fans. The next morning the horrific news of 49 beautiful lives were taken in Orlando after the largest mass shooting in history of The United States.
Yesterday morning I woke up to find that a friend of mine in Denver had suddenly passed. I talked to him not too long ago and was supposed Β to see him the last time I was in Denver a little over a month ago, plans fell through and I was in complete shock and heartbroken that I couldn’t see him one last time. Today he is spending his birthday in heaven.
I’m sensitive and do not take these situations lightly. What has made it even more real is that all of these great people are young and around my age, I am 23. We are young and we are not promised tomorrow.
Quality has always been greater then quantity in all things, including life.
Scary things happen in our world, we however, shall not live in fear.
We need to live our lives everyday with love, gratitude, kindness, and joy.
I choose to go throughout my days in life by finding joy in the smaller things of life, loving with every ounce I have to give, always learning, and exploring great places.
Cherish every moment and hold your loved ones close.
The Wonder Seeker.



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