DIY Desert Garden || Under $5

Holy Moly I’m so excited to share this project with you. I’ve been dreaming about a tiny cactus garden for a while. Not just any cactus garden but Southern Utah inspired. This included the red sand and rocks I found around my hikes. This project cost me less than $5! Depending on how big your bowl is and the cactus you purchase it could vary in price.
Here are the supplies you will need to purchase.
I found this glass bowl at Desert Industries (you can also go to goodwill) for 50 cents!
These little cacti and succulents were $1.50 at our local Star Nursery. Little cacti are pretty inexpensive wherever you go. Are you just in love with this pink moon cactus? I don’t know what I did in life to deserve a pink cactus in my life but here it is! I couldn’t get over the variety of colors to choose from. What a perfect pop of color.
The rest of the supplies I have gathered and found. I went to Dixie rock and picked up some of the red sand. You will have to find a nice sandy patch to gather your sand…you want nice sand and not dirt! These rocks I have gathered throughout various hikes I have taken. Lava rock and colorful red pebbles from Snow Canyon. I love the colorful rocks with lichen on them, so gorgeous and unique.
When you put this together be warned that you will get sand everywhere, this is defiantly something you’ll want to work on outside on the concrete so you can sweep up later.  When you are about to pour your sand in the bowl you’ll want to grab a small strainer. This will keep your sand super clean from rocks and other small debris you don’t want in your garden. You’ll want to place your cactus closer to the bottom before you dump all of your sand in your bowl, it makes it easier to move and place around.
Once you get all of your cacti placed and sand in you’ll want to move them around, place your rocks where you’d like and there you have it….a mini desert garden! Since these are low maintenance you can place this inside as well. I placed mine in my room because I recently designed my room to be a colorful boho style theme so it just looks amazing.


I hope I have inspired you to create a wonderful little desert garden for your summer decor!
The Wonder Seeker

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