You’re too nice.

be kind

“You’re too nice”
This is something I’ve heard my entire life.
I try not to let these words get to me too much because I know it’s because they care and in fear that others might walk all over me.
This is actually how I met my best friend in college. I was getting ready to use the dry mounting machine for photographs when her and my other very good friend (who I also met that same time) came in and it sounded like they had class soon and needed to get their assignment finished and mounted. Since I had some time to spare I told them they could go right ahead. She said “Wow. Thanks…I hope you’re not this nice to everyone. People will walk all over you!”
Today I reminded myself as to why I’m always nice. I can’t function any other way. Whenever I get angry or snap at someone I immediately feel terrible and my entire day is ruined, even if this individual completely deserved it. My day is OVER. The end. I might as well just crawl in a dark hole at this point.  I cannot enjoy the rest of my day knowing that I was maybe unkind to somebody, even if they were being really rude to me and it was probably completely deserving. Today I was trying to help somebody who was being quite difficult and ended up being quite rude towards me, even though I was trying to help and understand as much as I could. I finally got impatient and snapped. Although I didn’t snap too much, they did notice. So naturally, i’ve felt like a pathetic loser all day.
Here’s the truth…no bad feelings have ever come from being kind of others.  To be completely fair and honest people do try to take full advantage of my kindness and sometimes it’s completely humorous. This is also why I enjoy killing others with kindness, it confuses them.
The moral of the story is to simply be kind, even to mean people. Because if you’re just nice to people then no bad can come from it. Also, mean people get confused by kindness.
I hope this blog helped anyone who’s also “too nice”
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