Reading: My love hate relationship


New Books

I have a love hate relationship with reading.
Growing up it was the absolute worst. Only because it was unbelievably humiliating for me. Why? I’m a bad reader. I can read of course, if I couldn’t read I wouldn’t be here writing this story to you. I do get very distracted though, which is one of the very major reasons why Harry Potter was never my main squeeze. I also cannot read aloud for the life of me… I still can’t. I stumble over words, read words backwards.
I remember when I was in elementary school and we would play this horrendous game named “popcorn.” During the game popcorn you had to sit on your desk and read aloud when someone called your name and you had to keep reading until they said “popcorn” I was SO impatient to hear that person say “POPCORN!” because then I could just sit back in my seat and wallow in my own self pity and embarrassment. It’s just like the game tag “LET’S TAG MARIAH BECAUSE WE’LL NEVER GET TAGGED BACK!” Then I would be running around in circles all recess long…but that’s another story for another time.
Oh don’t worry, it gets better. When I moved to a small town and changed high schools I had a science teacher who would like to call on me and say “NEW GIRL… READ!” Science, people! Science has REAL BIG WORDS. The cute new girl wasn’t so cute anymore, she looked like an idiot.
There is one book series that saved me when I was younger though. It was called Pixie Tricks, I loved those pixies. I received my first set of three as a Christmas gift from my grandparents…great, just want I wanted. However, this first book became special. I finished this book all on my own because I really enjoyed it. I remember walking up to my Mother and saying “Mommy, I finished my book.” She looked skeptical and responded with “So if I read it and ask you questions then you can answer them?” I was confident that I knew everything about that little pixie. That’s when my Pixie Tricks obsession started and the first time I felt a true heartbreak when I finished the series. Did I mention the books came with shiny stickers?
Once I got older reading got better and I found a love in reading books.  Ellen Hopkins was my favorite author as a teenager because her stories were fact based, they were sad but I loved the rawness of her stories. I was never into fantasies, Harry Potter, romance, or Twilight. Now I am a huge fan of non-fiction, biographies, and inspirational books.
My Grandma taught me at a young age that reading was never a waste of time or money. We would go to a book store and she would ask what books I wanted and said that she would definitely buy me books, it was like a shopping spree for books. Books had more value than clothing and I wish I would have understood that concept then as much as  I do now
Today I took some time out of my day for a trip to Barnes and Noble and it was so lovely. I have realized how important it is to go shopping for a new book and just enjoy it. I purchased two books. Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang by Chelsea Handler and The life-chanigng magic of tidying up… The Japenese art of decluttering and organizing by Marie Kondo. I sat down in the B&N Starbucks with a  honey latte and a stuffed spinach and feta pretzel. (It’s as fantastic as it sounds) and enjoyed my new book by Chelsea Handler, it’s so funny, I love it! Humor and laughter is so important to my life so I’m happy I opened up and purchased it. Once I got home I was going to do something productive after cleaning. Instead I made some hot tea, lit a candle, and enjoyed more of my book. I felt guilty as if I was being unproductive…however, reading IS very productive. Your mind is productive! I need to take time to sit down and read more often during the day, it’s a very big goal of mine. Now that school and college is over it’s a complete leisure now and not a chore.
Here’s my tip to anybody who has problems reading. You have to find the genre that you really enjoy reading. It might take time and a lot of unfinished books but once you find what you really love then reading is the best treat for your mind.
What’s your favorite book at the moment?
The Wonder Seeker


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