Let’s go seek wondrous life!

Oh, hi there!
I’m Mariah! (The wonder seeker)
I’m a colorful, creative, and curious individual.
It’s difficult for people to keep up of where I am and what I’m doing. Within the past 5 years I have traveled and moved to many places. Portland, Oregon ..San Jose, Mexico…and Denver, Colorado. I currently reside in Burlington, Vermont where I have lived the past year. & by the end of April I will be on a new journey, a big journey.
I have followed my heart, mind, and soul and  will be moving back to my actual home, St. George Utah. I will be traveling the west to photograph, blog, vlog, and start my coffee table book I’ve been dreaming about forever. Once October comes I will be headed to San Felipe Mexico to explore and keep doing the same thing. Basically the goal is to become a traveling hippie, hah!
I love to explore new places and cultures, create art, and learn new things. I love sharing all of these wondrous things with other people even more!
I have been blogging on and off a huge part of my life but most excited for what I have in store for seekingwondrouslife.com. I hope I can inspire others to go out, explore, create, learn new things, and live a happy and healthy lifestyle.
I am starting to work hard on my new blog and vlog. WordPress is new to me so I’m still in the process on educating myself!
I’m so excited to see where my new journey takes me!



The Wonder Seeker

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